Nicholas Schlueter (Photo/Courtesy of family)

Dear Paulding Progress,

We would like to take this time to thank everyone for their incredible support for Nicholas and our families.

To everyone who volunteered at the dinner, no matter how small or big of a part you had, please know we are all so appreciative of you!

To all who spent hours baking delicious desserts for the bake sale, we are appreciative and thankful!

To everyone who donated burgers, sauces, noodles, and breadsticks, thank you!

A big shout out to PEVS Paulding and Oakwood staff, we appreciate all of your support. You have gone above and beyond for our families. We are so forever grateful to know that our children are loved and cared for just as much while they are at school, as they are at home.

A shout-out to Jeremy Townsend, our DJ, and auctioneer, thank you for volunteering your time and services.

An overwhelming thanks to Amanda Moorehead, the owner of Good Times Saloon in Payne, Ohio. Thank you for allowing our family, friends, and volunteers to use your venue. Everything turned out perfect, and the warm, exciting atmosphere at your establishment was excellent! We will certainly be back for dinner!

You are very much appreciated and thanked!

To the Paulding Hospital/ER, Dr. Kamran Rafiq, we are in tremendous thanks to you for listening to our concerns that night and ordering the CT. You helped save Nicholas and were able to get him to the Children’s hospital as quickly as you could with the inclement weather. Thank you!

Due to the amount of generous, caring people, churches/businesses/organizations we are not able to list everyone’s names who have donated raffle items, or auction items, brought over food, donated, sent get-well cards, along with sending prayers to our family. Please know that EACH and every one of you have our fullest thanks! You have made things much easier during an extremely stressful situation.

I believe we are all still in so much awe at how fast our community acted once word spread about Nicholas and his condition. We pray that no one would ever need the community to come together for such an immense medical situation. That being said, it’s true what they say about our community, we are #PAULDINGSTRONG, and when things go down, it is again true, we help build each other up, and step up when needed. Thank you!!

As for an update on Nicholas, he will continue to have neurological appointments with the neurosurgeon as well as a pediatric neurologist. He will also be seeing a hematologist. His pediatric neurologist ordered two EEGs to look at brain waves, and he has his next CT scan later this month. (The first one since post-operation) We are praying and believing that everything will look normal on the scans. We are praying that additional surgery for the shunt will not be needed. Keep the prayers coming as his turnaround on healing has already been a miracle!

Sincerely and Joyfully,

Nick’s loved ones.