Dear Editor,

As a lifelong learner and especially after having my morning coffee, I often look into things that I don’t know enough about. I recently “Googled” oligarchy, although I’m not sure why, as my default search engine is Duck-Duck-Go. Anyway, along with the Wikipedia options for oligarchy were some maps, so I clicked on one that said “Countries that are Oligarchies”, as there was clearly a map of the U.S.A. Certainly, I was well aware that the America I grew up in, the Constitutional Republic established by our founding fathers, is in no way an oligarchy, as long as we vote in free, fair and accurate elections. But more importantly we vote for policies and people that shape and/or defend our nation for the purposes of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans!

When I clicked on that colorful and interesting map, in the midst of those Wikipedia options, it took me directly to an Op-Ed from Harvard in 2018. In my thirst for knowledge and understanding, I proceeded to read the article, mostly because sometimes I feel the need to see what the other side is thinking. Yes, I’m well aware that those minutes reading an opinion from Harvard are moments in time that I can never get back, but I actually learned something. A highly educated, “grown-up” from Harvard, in the Spring of 2018, after being convinced by the mainstream and group think that the 2016 election was illegitimate and illegal thinks very much like I do right now. By removing the date and the word “Trump” from her article, I completely agree with the thoughts, opinion and concerns of the writer. She compared the Trump Whitehouse to an oligarchy, but because of the narrowness of group think in higher education, and the blinders of leftism, combined with the pomposity that she could never be wrong, she fails to recognize that she is actually warning us about Washington D.C. She warned that the down-sizing of the Trump Whitehouse was more than chaos. She claimed it was a consolidation of power for the oligarchy.

As highly educated as they are, they don’t see that Washington D.C., with career politicians, career lobbyists, the partisan war, power at all costs, mainstream media’s abandonment of investigative reporting, censorship, big tech, big pharma, normalizing Marxism, insider trading, and sell-out to China and other countries, especially in the absence of a secure and constitutional voting system, is an oligarchy. What they fail to see is that the “Trump Movement” was never about Trump. It’s always been about the swamp! They hate us because we will never be controlled by the Washington D.C. oligarchy, for as long as we vote for policies and people that improve our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren, right here in the greatest bastion of freedom left on the planet!

Chuck Schroeder

12946 Rd. 87

Paulding, Ohio 45879