PAULDING COUNTY – The Paulding County Hospital Foundation is hosting a fundraising campaign to raise and match funds up to $25,000 towards a new CT machine for the hospital.

A CT machine is required to ensure that patients have the most recent equipment for accurate diagnoses and treatments. The last time the current CT machine was repaired was four years ago. In addition to getting a new CT machine, the hospital is moving its location closer to the emergency room so that patients do not have to transported through the hospital.

The foundation is matching every dollar donated up to $25,000.

This is the end of the year fundraising campaign for the foundation. Since the foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization all donations are a tax write-off for every donor.

Members of the foundation are personally reaching out to everyone in the community; every dollar counts towards the end goal.

Due to the generous support of the community donations have allowed for the foundation to: in 2018, $12,700 was raised to support the hospital’s Women’s Imaging Center and Mammography upgrades as well as raise $800 to support the Paulding County First Responders Training Facility Shelter; in 2019, $8,000 was raised to upgrade the CT scan machine; in 202, $6,200 was raised to the hospital family care rooms - the rooms were furnished to make them more comfortable for family members while their loved ones received end of life hospice care and most recently, in 2021, $10,000 was raised for negative air flow units for the facility; these allowed protection for staff and patients from infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

For more information or to make a contribution please contact Ashley Collins, executive director, 419-670-4444 or