Photo submitted Pictured is Reta Ptak, owner of Strong Tower Fitness with the surfboard used to teach the Surf Set personal training classes. The Surf Set workout was inspired by her surfing adventure in California.

ANTWERP – Tenacity is a characteristic found in many small business owners. Reta Ptak is a prime example of one with that glowing characteristic. Ptak started her fitness business in Paulding. She purchased a building, where EAW Keepsake Beads resides now, and opened Rip it Fit.

Unfortunately, due to severe health issues she closed her gym to focus on recovering and healing. Two years ago, fully recovered, she opened up Strong Tower Fitness in Antwerp.

Strong Tower Fitness is located at the old gym in Antwerp, where the wrestling club and junior/senior high wrestlers practice. The address is 204 Archer Drive, Antwerp. Ptak and Jeremy Kosch negotiated a mutual agreement to create the perfect working environment.

She offers a wide variety of fitness classes and personal training sessions. She has a personal training, fitness and nutrition degree and is certified by the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

She is incredibly passionate about fitness and is determined to help others while on their fitness journey. She feels that offering personal training sessions and her wide variety of classes opens up opportunities for everyone to discover their passion for a healthy lifestyle.

“I just love what I do…I just want to help people. I want to make sure that people are moving and still have a lot of fun,” Ptak noted.

Since she is a nutritionist she has meal plans and nutrition plans that she recommends to her clients. She offers no quick fixes or magical drinks. Ptak is determined to prove to people that a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body is achieved by an overall lifestyle change.

Not only did her recent health issues fuel her determination to live a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on fitness, but it also stems from when she was younger. From early childhood through her teen years she recalls being teased and called names because of her appearance.

She admits that her classes aren’t easy or simple, and they aren’t created to be either. She creates the classes so that they are challenging, but offer the opportunity for modifications - a way in which someone can still participate, but learn how to build up to the challenging level.

“I love being the modifier. Some days I have to be - not every day is a good day. I offer the modifier so that everyone is included and can benefit from the workout,” she enthusiastically stated.

Ptak understands that to many the gym is overwhelming and daunting that’s why she offers a flexible schedule for personal training sessions and a variety of classes. “I try to teach unique classes; I want to bring variety and uniqueness to this area.”

Some of the classes she offers are: Ironside Yoga (Yoga with weights incorporated); cardio drumming; belly dancing body fitness; bounce dance fit and PiYo (a combination of Yoga and Pilates).

Presently, she is offering a lighter schedule of classes - during summer and early fall people are often busy with vacations she stated. In mid-winter she will ramp up her schedule and offer a wider variety of classes. All schedules can be found on her Facebook page Strong Tower Fitness. She stated the schedule can always be found in the cover photos section.

To schedule personal training sessions or receive more information Ptak encourages people to message her through the Facebook page, email at or call 419-487-2590. If someone attends a fitness class for the first time the fee is waived and it is for free.