PAULDING – The Paulding High School graduating class of 1971 celebrates the 50th anniversary of their graduation. Irnonically, May 23, the day of Paulding High School 2021 graduation, was the same day the class of ‘71 graduated 50 years ago.

109 students receieved their diploma that year. In the midst of a heightened political climate and massive societal changes each senior walked out of that school for the last time filled with hopes and dreams for a bright, promising future. In the midst of their high school years, and elementary years they witnessed the Vietnam War; the civil rights movement - including the assasinations of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., President John F. Kennedy and his brother, Senator Robert (Bobby) Kennedy; watching the first man land on the moon and, locally, they were first hand witnesses to the Nancy Eagleson case, which remains unsolved.

The class of 71 also experienced some of the greatest accomplishments while in school. During the 1964-1965 school year the Paulding High School boy’s basketball team made it to regionals. Waters stated, “[there is] nothing like this in Paulding High School history.” Since then, no other basketball team has achieved that level of post-season success.

During their time in school they also experienced transitioning from the basement for band lessons to a brand new building built specifically for band and music. Today it is recognized as the Adminstrative Building.

A 50 year reunion is an incredible milestone. They may have each went their own direction in life, but this class shares a unique history and with each passing year they continue to watch history being made. There is no better time than at this 50 year reunion to rekindle friendships and create new ones.

The last reunion this class held was in 2016 with 66 graduates attending.

Brian Waters, a graduate from the Class of ‘71, is collaborating with other classmates to organize a 50th class reunion. He is asking all graduates to consider attending. Vicki Kadesch, a classmate, is helping Waters organize the class reunion. She stated, “I would like to see 75 [classmates] attend.”

The reunion is scheduled to happen Oct. 2 at Paulding High School.

He also creating a video capturing all the highlights from their school years titled, The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and will be sending it out to all classmates.