Bring supplies to open house on Aug. 17


1 medium to large sized bookbag

1 extra set of clothes (shirt, pants, underwear, sock) in a ziploc bag with name

4 small glue sticks (.24 oz size, prefer disappearing purple)

1 single subject, spiral bound notebook

1 box of tissues

1 watercolors paint box

2 bottles Elmer’s School Glue (4 oz.)


2 boxes of 24 Crayola crayons

1 package of napkins

1 package of plastic spoons

1 box Crayola washable markers-broad tip


1 refill pack of wet wipes (baby wipes)

1 package of 12 oz. Styrofoam bowls

1 roll paper towels

1 box gallon or quart size freezer bags (double zipper)


(Please bring supplies to Kindergarten orientation)

4 boxes Crayola crayons

3 (4 oz.) bottles of Elmer’s school glue

10 glue sticks

2 packages Crayola thin markers

2 packages Crayola wide markers

1 folder with pockets

1 folder with prongs

2 boxes of Kleenex

1 package of colored pencils

1 plastic school box

1 large book bag

1 package of napkins

A small pillow and blanket to fit into cubby

Set of headphones


1 box of Ziploc sandwich bags


1 package of spoons

1 package of brown paper bags


I box of Ziploc gallon sized bags

1 container of Clorox wipes

Paper plates

1 package of forks

1 bag of cotton balls

First Grade

2 black dry erase markers

2 large erasers

3 boxes 24 crayons (small size)

8 glue sticks (small size)

1 pair blunt Fiskar scissors

1 school box

2 large boxes of Kleenex

2 packages of #2 lead pencils

1 book bag with name on it

1 paint shirt with name on it

3 folders with pockets and fasteners (1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue)

1 pair of headphones (no ear buds)

1 container of disenfectant wipes


1 box markers

1 box baggies (quart size)


1 box baggies (gallon)

1 bottle of glue

1 package paper plates or cups


3 packages #2 lead pencils with erasers (Ticonderoga ONLY)

4 boxes (24) count crayons

1 pair of pointed scissors

12 glue sticks

1 pencil box (no pencil bags)

1 school bag (no wheels)

2 boxes of Kleenex

2 large erasers

1 1” subject spiral notebook

1 2” three-ring binder

3 folders with pockets (1 red, 1 green, 1 blue)

1 paint shirt with names on it

4 Expo markers (any color)

2 highlighters (any color)

1 pair of headphones (no earbuds)

3 containers of Clorox wipes


1 package Styrofoam cups

1 package paper plates


1 box of Ziploc gallon bags

1 package of forks

1 package of spoons


1 2” binder with pockets and clear pocket front

1 1” binder with pockets and clear pocket front

2 boxes Crayola crayons

1 box colored pencils

Ziper pencil pouch with holes - no boxes

4 black dry erase markers

1 pair pointed scissors

2 large boxes of tissues

10 Elmer’s glue sticks

4 pocket folders (red, yellow, blue, green)

2 red pens

1 pair of headphones (to keep at school)

1 box #2 pencils

1 box Crayola wide tip markers

1 paint shirt with name on it

1 box gallon Ziploc bags


1 container Clorox wipes


1 box eraser tips

1 box Ziploc sandwich bags


2 packages #2 pencils w/erasers and sharpened

1 highlighter (any color)

1 (24) box of Crayola crayons or colored pencils

1 pair pointed scissors

4 glue sticks

4 large pink erasers

1 expandable accordian pocket folder

1 zipper pencil case - no boxes

1 paint shirt with name

2 red pens

4 black Expo dry erase markers

1 box of Kleenex

1 box Clorox wipes

1 set of headphones (no earbuds) to be kept at school

1 ream of colored printer paper (no white paper)

No Trapperkeepers and no pencil sharpeners


1 box Crayola thin tip washable markers


1 box Crayola wide tip washable markers


1 red pen

1 highlighter (any color)

2 packages #2 pencils with erasers

1 zipper pencil case - no boxes

1 box colored pencils OR 1 box of crayons

12 Expo dry erase markers

1 box of Kleenex

1 package Clorox or Lysol wipes

1 9-volt battery

1 pocket folder

1 pair of headphones to be kept at school

1 paint shirt with name on it

No Trapperkeepers or large binders