Staff writer
Jan Reeb has been a resident of Antwerp her entire life. It has been her goal to ensure that her community is served effectively.
She wanted to make a difference and thought she could. She ran for president of the Village of Antwerp Council and won.
As a very active member of Antwerp, Reeb was able to gain momentum while she served as president. She is receptive to the residents of Antwerp and is always willing to put forward the effort necessary to implement change.
During her time on the Council she has been the only woman, with the exception of four years. She always had responsive male counterparts on the council.
Serving as president is not as simple or easy as some may believe. The work load is quite a lot and she is constantly busy with communicating with citizens, council members, ensuring that all issues are addressed accordingly and in an appropriate time frame.
She has never shied away from her duties. She continues to rise to all challenges.
While serving on the village Council she established a town-wide large item waste removal pick up day that occurs once a month. This is integral and beneficial to the village.
It will help to keep the village clean and ensure that the residents have a means to remove their large waste items.
Not only does Reeb serve on the vllage council, but she also raised a family and ran a small in-home daycare for years.
She serves her community in a multitude of ways.
She advises all women to “be the change” you want to see. In order to do so, “it requires [an] active interest” in what you are trying to achieve.
Reeb is a leading woman of Paulding County.