The term “et al.” refers to and others; “et vir.,” and husband; “et ux.,” and wife.
Blue Creek Township
Daniel A. Becher and Kellie M. Becher to Kristin Raab, ME.; Sec. 29, 0.66 acre; Sec. 29, 1.34 acres. Warranty deeds.
Crane Township
Philip J. Hull, LE and Vicky S. Hull, LE to Philip J. Hull and Vicky S. Hull; Sec. 12, 57.679 acres. Exempt deeds.
Harrison Township
Roger H. Gebhart and Dorothy J. Gebhart to John J. Carter and Barbara R. Carter; Sec. 36, 1.62 acres. Survivorship deed.
Jackson Township
Rita L. Robinson to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation; Sec. 33, 0.25 acre. Exempt deed.
Anna L. Myles, LE. to Anna L. Myles; Sec. 33, 0.25 acre; Sec. 33, 0.25 acre; Sec. 33, 0.25 acre. Exempt deeds.
Latty Township
Brenda S. Nantz to Brenda S. Nantz; Sec. 29, 38.365 acres. Warranty deed.
Stephen R. Lay to Angela R. Lay; Sec. 33, 78.326 acres. Exempt deed.
Paulding Township
James Anthony Windsor, et al. to James Anthony Windsor, et al.; Sec. 14, 3 acres. Exempt deed.
Loraine M. Papp, LE. and Larue M. Papp to Larue M. Papp; Sec. 30, 34.03 acre. Exempt deed.
Oakwood Village
Gary B. Porter, II and Julia Porter to Gary B. Porter, II and Julia Porter; Village of Oakwood Lot 1, 0.2152 acre; Village of Oakwood Sec. 35, 0.3062 acre. Exempt deeds.
Antwerp Village
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to John W. Hess and Cathy D. Hess; Village of Antwerp Sec. 27, 0.4946 acre. Warranty deed.
Paulding Village
Ethel H. Jewel, LE, et al. to Ethel H. Jewel, LE, et al.; Village of Paulding Lot 4, 0.3182 acre; Lot 5, 0.01 acre Exempt deed.
Cross Roads Venture Group, LLC. to RFK Property Group, LLC.; Village of Paulding Lot 36, 0.2 acre. Warranty deed.