Great things come out of Paulding County and one of them is a super sweet girl by the name of Megan Keysor. Megan was homeschooled and then attended Grace College where she graduated with a bachelors in exercise science (pre-PT) and a minor in behavioral sciences. She is an ACE certified personal trainer.
I met Megan probably eight years ago at a church activity and instantly took a liking to her sweet nature and fun personality. She is a person you can always have a good laugh with and is very encouraging.
I recently contacted Megan because I wanted to change my life. I am overweight and although I am pretty happy with who I am, for multiple reasons I want to get healthy. My reasons are my kids. I want to enjoy this life with them without being winded from everything we do.
My relationship with Christ is another reason. I want to be in obedience to God and in that I need to not be lazy or glutinous and take care of the temple He blessed me with.
I have a picture I keep on my phone that says “God created it. Jesus died for it. The Spirit lives in it. I'd better take care of it.” Pastor Rick Warren. I look at that often to keep me motivated.
I have never been a skinny person and that will never be my body type. I am bigger boned and a thicker person and that is perfectly OK. But almost six years ago, I became a stay-at-home mom and in that time I have put on over 100 lbs.
I suffered from post partum depression and developed anxiety which kept me at home and I was just not up and moving. I truly believe some of my anxiety is due to my health.
I do not want to gain one more pound. I have no interest in shedding weight super fast. I want to change my lifestyle in a way that is realistic for me and that will be easy for me to maintain. I need new habits not new fads.
I am on week three with Megan and I am loving it. Megan currently lives in Indiana so we do it online but it truly works for me.
Every Sunday evening, she sends me my “to-do’s” for that week and includes my workouts. I opted to do home workouts, not gym workouts, so she gears them for me to do at home.
If I struggle with one I can be honest with her and she will tweak it for me. She checks in through the week and encourages me and the difference I am feeling already is just amazing.
I do have to drink about a wading pool worth of water a day, so I have to run to the restroom a lot, but I just feel so much better.
Last week my husband and I had a day off together, so we ran around and did some fun stuff, one of them being food.
That evening, I was not in the mood to cook, I was craving an ooey-gooey Red Angel's pizza, so we got one. I felt miserable for two days from getting off my eating habits and water intake.
Now do not get me wrong I will still eat my Red Angel's, but now I will choose to get the cauliflower crust with cheese and toppings instead.
I need to retrain my thinking on food and to make better choices. I still allow myself goodness, just not a whole days worth of it. Otherwise I now feel miserable and it has helped me not want the junk anymore. After feeling so good you just can't go back. Megan chose this career because she noticed the change in her own attitude and health when she started exercising regularly and wanted to help others make the change.
Her favorite part of being a trainer is that it’s her own business that she can work with people online. She currently works with 17 people between various gyms and online coaching.
I asked Megan for some recommendations for setting fitness goals to share with everyone and she gave us her top three.
1. Be Realistic. Most people aren't going to be able to stick with making a lot of changes at once, such as switching from running once a month to running five times a week. Don't set crazy expectations.
2. Set several smaller goals leading up to one large one. The anatomy of an attainable goal includes a well thought out plan that shows little changes turning into bigger ones. Sometimes the beginning steps are so small that they are hardly noticeable in the day to day. (For example, adding an extra day at the gym every week to build up to a goal of attending 5x/week.)
3. Know the reason. Chasing goals for no clear reason will leave a burned out desire within a few weeks. If one is, for example, wanting to be in better shape in order to play with future grandkids, there is now a motivating factor. Find the reason, and find a regular reminder of that reason to easily keep on track.
One thing that I enjoy about Megan’s help is she makes it work around my life and my schedule. She implements small changes each week to my plan that are easily doable and with each one I feel like I am accomplishing something which helps motivate me.
If you would be interested in working with Megan you can contact her at or check out her website I am proud of our local girl who is changing lives.