Staff writer

The storefront windows are lined with seven treadmills, and four ellipticals. Once you enter the gym you are fully submerged in the fitness world. The gym has free weights, weight benches, weight machines, stationary bikes, and a back section for fitness classes and personal training sessions.

Kass Chestnut has brought his fitness vision to life by opening this gym. He opened the doors to the 24 hour gym Jan. 10.

He is still running a special of $19.99/month with a one year signed contract. The membership comes with a key fob that allows you to have access 24 hours a day.

He opened the gym in the Paulding Place Plaza because, to him, it is the perfect location. Chestnut thinks a gym is necessary.

He aspires for the gym to grow and be filled with people.

His goal is to have programs for fitness classes and personal training sessions set up and functioning by February.

He is still seeking and interviewing for instructors and trainers.

There will also be a nutritionist that will be on staff.

Start the new year off right and call 419-785-6411 or visit for more information or to get your membership.