By Patrick Troyer

Education specialist

Paulding SWCD

Believe it or not, it is once again time for the Paulding Soil & Water Conservation District Spring Tree Sale! This year’s sale includes the return of many of your favorite tree species along with several new species that are carefully selected native tree species and tree packs that are suited for our area. Our annual event is running now through March 20 and features a return of many favorites with the introduction of some new species and new products besides trees.

Below are the species making a return to this year’s sale, complete listings can be found in our sale guide:

American Arborvitae ?Colorado Blue Spruce ?Norway Spruce ?Eastern White Pine ?Pin Oak ?Bald Cypress ?Domestic Apple ?Red Bud?Butterflybush?Black Chokeberry

Ohio Buckeye?Sugar Maple?Red Maple

New this year, the Paulding SWCD is adding Sargent Crabapple, Pasture Rose, and Tulip Poplar to our tree offerings.

Tree seedlings in our sale are priced per seedling. Trees will be sold either as liners or seedlings. Liners will be about 2-3’ tall while seedlings will be about 6” to 18”.

Quantities are limited, so be sure to get your order in as soon as possible.

The Paulding SWCD can work one on one with landowners to help determine the trees that best fit for your own unique soil types based on the location of the property.

In addition to individual tree offerings, we are adding in four tree packs for our 2020 sale. The following tree packs are available: Beauty Pack, Pollinator Pack, Wildlife Pack, and Deer Food Pack. The Beauty Pack has two redbuds, two serviceberries, two lilacs, two flowering dogwoods, and two black chokeberries. The Pollinator Pack has two red osier dogwoods, two choke cherries, two American plums, two meadowsweets, and two pasture rose trees. The wildlife pack contains two swamp white oaks, two American hazelnuts, two ninebarks, two American Plums, and two red osier dogwoods. Lastly, the Deer Food Pack includes two each of the following species: American Hazelnut, Chinkapin Oak, Persimmon, Domestic Apple, and Coralberry.

Once again for 2020, we are selling more than just trees. New this year, we will be offering wildflower seed packets, and tree tubes to protect those newly purchased tree seedlings. The wildflower seed packets are a nice addition to our annual tree sale to help promote planting of native species that benefit the homeowner for aesthetics but also the animals and pollinators we are trying to protect. Seed packets are being offered in one-ounce packages that can cover an area of 270 to 390 square feet, depending on the species seed size in each mix. As part of the wildflower offering, we are selling three mixes which include: Annual & Perennial Wildflower Mix, Annual Wildflower Mix, and Butterfly/Hummingbird Mix.

The Annual & Perennial Wildflower mix is showy the second year and beyond, changing color and texture as it matures. This mix includes species such as Corn Flower (Bachelor’s Button), Cosmos, Purple Coneflower, Blanket flower, Scarletflax, Lanceleaf Coreopsis, Oxeye Daisy; just to name a few. The Annual Wildflower Mix is showy the first year if planted before mid-June and with proper management, this mix will be showy the second year. Included in this mix are species such as: Sulphur Cosmos, Cosmos, Rocket Larkspur, Bachelor’s Button, Cornflower, Scarlet Flax, Painted Daisy; among many others.

Last in the wildflower selection is the Butterfly & Hummingbird Mix. This mix is designed specifically to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and other native pollinators. Included in this mix are species such as: Little Bluestem, Riverbank Wildrye, Bachelor’s Button, Rocket Larkspur, Purple Coneflower, Bigleaf Lupine; among many others. Our sales guide has a complete listing of all species included in each mix along with seeding rates and planting recommendations.

A return offering for this year’s sale are tree tubes and bark protectors. Tree tubes and tree bark protectors are a good investment to consider for your trees, especially if you have young trees that you are attempting to establish and protect from wildlife who can damage them.

For 2020, we have Max Grow Tree Tube Shelters and Tree Bark Protectors.

Max Grow Tube Shelters protect seedlings from animals, wind damage, and climate conditions and comes with pre-installed ties and netting to go over the top to protect young saplings. They have a flared top to protect the plant as it emerges from the tube and cuffed bottom for added support with a vented top to allow the plant to properly harden off or dry out in moist climates. In addition, this product has an unvented bottom to protect seedling from chemical overspray along with "Razor Line" so tube slits as tree grows.

Tree Bark Protectors are also a good option to consider. In this product design, trees are shielded by open mesh, which prevents moisture and mildew from building. Also, the protectors will not harbor insects and animals and will not inhibit growth. These tubes are more attractive than other solutions and are designed to blend in. They are flexible and easy to install.

Order forms for the 2020 Tree Sale will be due March 20 by 4 p.m. Orders will come in the week of April 13. A postcard reminder will be sent to all customers to inform of pickup dates and times. If you would like an order form and sales guide of all trees/plants available, you may stop in our office (900 Fairground Drive), call 419-399-4771, visit our website at and look under “Tree/Fish Sales”, or “Like Us” on Facebook at Paulding Soil and Water Conservation District. Included in this guide you will find helpful information that will aid in your selection of trees, shrubs, wildflower seed, and tree tubes/ bark protectors.