School board candidate wants success for students/staff

Dear Editor,

My name is Mitchell Kipfer and I am running for the vacant position on the Wayne Trace School Board. I believe that I can make a positive impact on the school system and community by providing my own unique perspective and experience. As a parent of four (3 of which are currently attending Payne Elementary), I am committed to the success of the school district and I will continue to be a present and active member of the community. My wife, Jaime, is also a teacher at Vantage Career Center so I can relate firsthand with some of the challenges that teachers face. I feel that running for School Board is a great way to be involved in a very important part of the lives of our children.

There are a couple of different areas that I would like to focus on. I want to utilize technology in the classroom to its fullest extent. Choosing the best technology and implementing it into the classroom will position our kids for success in an ever-changing environment. I want to also make sure that our resources are being used as efficiently as possible. Funds coming into the school system, whether they be from grants or tax dollars or anywhere else, should be utilized in ways that provide the greatest benefit to our children. Lastly, we need to find ways to balance teachers’ expertise with the requirements of standardized testing. We need open dialogue with teachers to see what is needed for success and what improvements could be made. At the end of the day, it truly should be letting the teachers teach while keeping children engaged to achieve positive meaningful results.

I would like to thank everyone for reading this and I look forward to your vote this election.

Mitchell Kipfer