A cold refreshing drink of water is always good, especially in hot weather.

A lot of young people won’t remember ever going to an outside well equipped with a pump to get a cold drink of water. Do I remember that?

Of course I do. I remember having a well with a pump and an old tin cup setting or hanging near by.

And yes, we all drank from the same cup without worrying about germs or bacteria.

There was nothing any better to drink than good cold well water.

Every day my mom would pump buckets of water to carry inside to use for drinking, cooking and doing dishes.

Inside the bucket of water was a dipper. (Remember dippers?) They were a long-handled cup that sat on or hung from the water bucket. Guess what? We all drank from that same dipper.

I guess the desire for some cool clear water was worth more than worrying about being sanitary.

I have to think of my grandpa now, because when he took a big drink of water, he would say, “Ahhh boy!”

Then in the late 1990s and early 2000s along came something to drink, besides cola, and it was in a bottle. It was something that is one of our country’s greatest natural resources and also something that was easy to carry in a purse or gym bag. Yes, it was bottled water and I, for one, love it.

As a person who was a recipient of sulphur water at my house, I was happy to pay for bottled water.

Sulphur water may not taste and smell bad to others, but to me it reeked of rotten eggs.

Seeing that bottled water was going to be a big seller on the market, Pepsi was the first major company to bottle it and they named their brand Aquafina.

Coke jumped on board and came out with their brand, Dasani water.

Since then many companies have come out with various kinds of water.

Some advertise that their water is a spring water, others say they get their water from various exotic locations.

Actually I am one that tends to believe that the more you pay for water, the better it tastes.

A report noted that the number one drink today is bottled water, beating out soft drinks.

Bottled water is really nothing new as it dates as far back as the 1700s when it was bottled from a so-called holy well and said to help cure diseases.

I am truly amazed at how many kinds of water there are currently on the shelves. There is spring, purified, fruit flavored and seltzer water. There is vitamin water, natural water with a hint of juice and sparkling water.

In many weather disasters, bottled water has been distributed and donated to victims, saving many lives.

Maybe my grandma and grandpa would not pay for a bottle of water, and if we still had that old well, I may not either.

However, the old well and pump and tin cup are gone. Mama’s bucket and dipper are no more. No one has to question our cleanliness because we used the same cup.

This column just made me thirsty and I think a nice cold bottle of water will quench my throat, mouth and lips. “Mmmm, Ahhhh boy!”

Do you buy bottled water? Can you tell the difference between tap and bottled water? Do you still have a well, a pump or a dipper? Let me know and I’ll give you a Penny for Your Thoughts.