I had trouble coming up with something to write about this week.

I’ve hit a rough spot in life and I just don’t feel very inspired. I don’t feel creative and I’m missing my spark.

Sometimes people lose their spark because they overwhelm themselves with commitments and work. Or maybe things just seem to all crash down on you at once, leaving you feeling empty.

So I decided to hit up good ole Google to see if she could help me out. (Google is totally a female, women know everything.)

Some of the tips I found seemed pretty reasonable and others were garbage. So I thought I would share them with you!

• Get out in the real world and connect with other humans. Ok so that seems fair enough. Being around other people can help to lift your mood and take your mind off of things that might be bothering you. We live in a world that revolves around communicating through our phones or the internet. But interactions like that just can’t compete with in-person experiences.

• Make a cup of your favorite tea. Well, tea is gross if you ask me. So I’m not very much in favor of this suggestion. But I guess you could substitute things like coffee, pop or alcohol for your drink of choice. Maybe not alcohol though, that can just make you feel worse sometimes. So let’s go with coffee.

• Book a trip to somewhere you have never been. Ok, I can totally get on board with this one. I’m thinking an island, or somewhere warm and tropical that involves sand and water would be perfect for me right now. Obviously though, not everyone has the time or financial means to take an elaborate vacation when we get down. But, there are places you can visit within a few hours that are new.  A favorite place of mine is Yellow Springs here in Ohio. It’s a small town with lots of character. It’s not too far from Dayton. It’s filled with little shops, restaurants and two different nature preserves full of beautiful scenery. So if you have a day, and need something new to look at, head down there.

• Create an inspiring work space. So I love this one. I’m a rather neat person and I like my possessions and work spaces to be neat, tidy and organized. It’s hard for me to work when things are a mess. And it can really put a hindrance on my creativity when my desk or work area is a mess. So clean up your area! If you don’t work at a desk, you can always clean your bedroom or living room. I’m not talking like picking up a few things here and there, I mean like deep clean that sucker. Throw stuff away, organize and scrub surfaces. Cleaning your area can not only give you a clean space to feel some inspiration but maybe the moving can release some endorphins and improve your mood. Maybe add some new decorations or fresh flowers to pretty up your space.

• Walk among mother nature. This is such an amazing suggestion. Being in nature can greatly improve your mood. Research studies have shown a strong connection between being outdoors and a reduction in stress, anxiety and depression. Also, listening to nature sounds can reduce blood pressure and lower cortisol in the body. Even if nature isn’t really your thing, a short walk outside can make a huge difference. The Black Swamp Nature Preserve is a great place to enjoy nature without going too far and getting too outdoorsy.

It’s very common to feel a loss of inspiration or to feel depressed. You aren’t broken, you aren’t weird, you are human. These are normal human emotions that most people feel at some point in their lives.

You are stronger than you think, and you will overcome. It might not be today, and that’s ok. If you can’t do any of these suggestions today that is fine. Tomorrow is a new day, you can try again then.