PAULDING – Paulding County Board of Elections has selected Elections Solutions and Software (ES&S) as its new voting equipment company.

The state had approved and allocated state funds based on the number of registered voters in each county after a base amount was determined for the purchase of new voting equipment for counties.

Elections Solutions and Software has been in the election business for many years. Many counties in Ohio use the various ES&S voting systems.

The office plans to implement a paper ballot system in the upcoming Nov. 5 General Election.

In-person early voters’ ballots will be printed upon demand on a ballot-on-demand printer.

Election Day voters will check in and receive a paper ballot to vote. Once the voter has finished voting, the voter will then insert their ballot in the scanner to be scanned and tabulated.

An ExpressVote ballot-marking device will be available for any voter that has disabilities to use in each polling location. The office will also have a unit available for any in-person early voter with disabilities.

The precinct-based scanning system is equipped with technology to accurately read and consistently protect voter’s intent on a voter’s ballot.

This system also includes a mail out ballot system that will assist with time management during the busy times in the office.

The election board wishes to thank the county commissioners for their input and cooperation with choosing a new voting system, as well as the public that was able to attend the voting equipment demonstrations held in February.

The board and staff spent numerous hours in research and discussion in board meetings, as well as visiting with voters and visits to other counties’ election offices, on the various voting equipment companies that are certified in Ohio.

Board members and staff are very excited to implement this new voting system in the county.