PAULDING - Appeals have been filed in the recent burglary and reckless homicide convictions against Tristen Blair of Grover Hill.

In December, Blair pleaded guilty to burglary (F2) and no contest to reckless homicide (F3) in Paulding County Common Pleas Court. The burglary charge stems from an incident that occurred in August 2017 and the reckless homicide is from the death of his son, Zyathen Blair, in October 2017. These convictions were the result of a plea bargain. Blair was originally facing charges of homicide, an unclassified felony, burglary (F2), vandalism (F5) and escape (F3).

The vandalism and escape charges were dropped and the homicide charge was lowered to reckless homicide. The plea agreement was given on the third day of his trial for homicide.

Blair was sentenced on Jan. 14 to seven years in prison for the burglary charge and 36 months for the reckless homicide charge.

According to the appeal documents filed Feb. 1, Blair claims he was unfairly sentenced to maximum and near maximum sentences for the offenses. In the burglary conviction, it states that he shouldn’t have been given a maximum sentence due to his young age, lack of criminal record, lack of physical harm to any person as a result of the offense and the lesser sentences of other people found guilty of similar offenses.

The appeal for the reckless homicide conviction states the sentence should have been less because of his young age, lack of criminal record and the extensive mitigating evidence presented.