PAULDING – The following is an update regarding snow and ice operations on state highways within Paulding County from November through Jan. 30. This report is issued periodically during the winter months and as necessary following snow and ice events.

Since November, Paulding County ODOT has…

    • Used 2,103 tons of salt

    • Used 31,555 gallons of de-icer

    • driven 35,645 miles

    • driven 387 lane miles

… for a total cost of $158,841.

Those numbers are significantly lower than the same time last year. In January 2018, ODOT had used 4,796 tons of salt and 40,649 gallons of de-icer and had driven 67,758 miles for a total cost of $615,519.

The Ohio Department of Transportation District 1 includes the counties of Allen, Defiance, Hancock, Hardin, Paulding, Putnam, Van Wert and Wyandot.

District 1 districtwide totals to date:

    • Salt used: 19,875 tons

    • Liquid de-icer: 550,791 gallons

    • Miles driven for snow and ice: 357,510

    • Total cost: $3,023,009

Totals at the same time last year:

    • Salt used: 39,204 tons

    • Liquid de-icer: 462,692 gallons

    • Miles driven for snow and ice: 531,648

    • Total cost: $4,966,517