Matt Baker, Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) spokesperson, Jon Pawley, OPSB staff member and Ben Brazell, principal director of environmental services, were on hand at a public meeting concerning Timber Road III wind farm. Joe Shouse/Paulding County Progress

Progress Staff Writer

PAULDING – A public informational meeting led by EDP Renewables and the Ohio Power Siting Board was held at the OSU Extension building in Paulding on Monday evening. The meeting was made available to the public in order for citizens to see the proposed Phase III of the Timber Road wind turbine project scheduled for 2016.

The new project will consist of an eight-mile above-ground 138 KV electric transmission line along with 48 additional turbines.

“The purpose of our meeting tonight is to show those interested the overhead transmission line that will connect the new 100 mega-watt wind farm to the electric grid,” said Erin Bowser, EDP director of project management.

Currently, there are two proposed routes for placing the transmission line, a primary and alternate. Maps were made available outlining the two alternatives.

Several land owners and county officials were present to ask questions and to better understand the scope of the project.

The primary option for the overhead electric cable is scheduled to be located through Harrison and Benton townships along and near Road 124 between Road 21 and Ohio 49. The wind turbines are to be located north and west of Payne in Harrison Township.

The Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) was present at the meeting to oversee the wind farm process. The board reviews applications for the construction of major utility facilities, including wind farms.

As a part of EDP Renewables’ application for Timber Road III, the developer describes the proposed facility and its impact on the surrounding area. The application for a transmission line, much like the one to be constructed in Paulding County, must contain information on both the preferred as well as an alternate site or route.

After the informational meeting was held on Monday evening, a series of steps are taken over the next several months under the direction of the OPSB. Part of the process includes opportunities for the public to voice their opinions and concerns about the proposed project.

“There is a series of steps and procedures to follow and it’s our board that helps facilitate the process and to work closely with the utility company to make sure all the proper steps are taken,” said OPSB spokesman Matt Butler.

“Everyone we have talked to tonight is very favorable of the construction of Timber Road III. There doesn’t seem to be any opposition,” said Butler.

Currently, Timber Road II, a 99 turbine wind farm, provides 99 megawatts of wind generation, producing enough electricity to power over 28,000 average Ohio households.