Dear Editor,

Before I got my Crescent newspaper I had calls asking how this fella who accused Mr. Schnepp of rape got time again at the Bd. of Education meeting. Well, it is an attention getter! Ms. Saylor, Schnepp’s sister, died suddenly and her estate of $300,000 approx. was left to the school. Mr. Schnepp loved the school system and was a very good teacher. He was always with poor health due to the unfortunate accident I wrote about a year ago when this fella was heard from.

A year ago this fella met with the superintendent and told him it is the right time to tell of the rape. Of course, a week before this it was in the Bd. minutes in the paper of the money left in memory of Ms. Saylor’s brother. Through donation money, a stone was placed in front of the school and so this fella was given time at the Board meeting. Then, he demanded that the stone be removed and sure enough, he won – it has been removed. Now, this year he again was given 45 minutes with the Bd of Educ. asking where this “blood money” was being used for. Well, he was given the areas where the money, so far, has been spent. Well, Mr. Schnepp would be happy that some went to the press box, concession stand where he worked every game with Bob Beck and myself. Then, he wanted to meet Board members one on one and guess what? Mr. Foltz, President, gave him his unlisted number to talk. Is this guy winning? Well, I had several calls asking where Foltz lives and no phone number or address in the phone book and others want it also!

Now a year ago, this fella claimed the rape took place in a room where paper, machine, cutting board was well, 30+ years ago this was the old building where a mimeograph machine, etc. was on a table outside my office and beside the water fountain so this is not true nor was the rape of this teacher now gone 11 years. Now a year later he is still inquiring about money! You know property owners are who is paying taxes on your school. A year ago, I called to see if anyone was at the next Board meeting continuing this ridiculous claim and was told “no.” I got home and big as big in the newspaper another came forth but had been raped twice! Well, I had also ask if another came forth I wanted time also but was told I was not on the agenda but could be on the June one – can you imagine the teachers employed would not know Mr;. Schnepp nor did the superintendent but I rec’d. a message I had 2 minutes. Well, I had to tell my name and why I was there and yes, my time was up by Pres. Manz. Now I can tell you 4 out of 5 Board members had Mr. Schnepp as a teacher.

I suggest as a taxpayer that the stone be placed inside the building with an unbreakable bubble over it.

Can you imagine also we hit the front page of the Crescent News with students bullying others on the “app burn book” whatever the heck that is. People who have students in school look to the north and to the county school south – yes, pride is showing when there is winning teams not only in sports but academics also. Ladies, maybe you should be interested in the run for the board. Be sure to watch, as the fella at the last meeting, wants the supt. let go. Will he win again?

P.S. Let me add one more thing: When Mr. Schnepp’s new car was scratched from front to back he died that day. This should please – this should give some fellas satisfaction. Mr. Schnepp was my co-worker and friend and you can’t take that away.

Delores Whirrett