Staff Director

Using the basket pictured as an example, here are easy directions to make a May Day basket.

Supplies required: Paper plates, crayons, markers, colored paper, stapler, staples or glue, treats or items to fill basket (see below for ideas) and string or ribbon.

Step 1: Purchase or gather as many paper plates that you want to have for baskets. The plates must be paper. They can be purchased at all grocery stores and Dollar General.

Step 2: Gather paints, markers, crayons or what you would like to use to decorate the plate.

Step 3: Color or decorate the back side of the plate however you would like. Be sure, though, to not add any heavy decorations, like gems, otherwise, it might weigh down the plate and prevent you from making the basket.

Step 4: Take the paper plate and starting with the right side roll it inward to make a cone shape, as pictured.

Step 5: Secure the “basket” with staples or glue. I recommend staples, as they are much more durable.

Step 6: Fill with treats, flowers picked from the yard or a sweet note wishing someone a happy spring.

Ideas for treats to fill the baskets:

Popcorn mixed with M&Ms and raisins, mixed candies, small baked treats - such as mini brownies, or cookies, pretzels in place of the popcorn, Puppy Chow, or a trail mix.

Step 7: Take a ribbon or string and create a handle by securing one end on one side of the basket and securing the other end on the opposite side.