Carryall Township
Todd S. and Carla J. Vancleve to Village of Antwerp; Sec. 26, 0.889 acre. Warranty deed.
Crane Township
Douglas R. Smith to Doug Smith Farms LLC I; Sec. 20, 20 acres; Sec. 16, 55.431 acres; Sec. 22, 60.417 acres; Sec. 27, 5.68 acres; Sec. 25, 74.71 acres; Sec. 24, 5.39 acres; Sec. 15, 124.024 acres; Sec. 31, 160 acres; Sec. 30, 319.7 acres; Sec. 16, 15.978 and 71.515 acres; Sec. 9, 21.189 and Sec. 16, 7.805 acres. Warranty deed.
Matthew C. Clevinger, dec. to Michelle K. Clevinger; Sec. 20, 1.23 acres. Affidavit.
Harrison Township
William F. and Helen M. Wetli, trustees to Steven A. Wetli; Sec. 8, 12 acres. Warranty deed.
Steven A. Wetli to Steven A. and Diane M. Wetli, trustees; Sec. 8, 12 acres. Warranty deed.
Jackson Township
Gary L. and Vicki J. McClure to Gary L. and Vicki J. McClure; Sec. 36, 30 acres. Survivorship deed.
Latty Township
Gary L. and Vicki J. McClure to Vicki J. and Gary L. McClure; Sec. 25, 5 acres; Sec. 34, 110 acres and Sec. 28, 78.09 acres. Survivorship deed.
Paulding Township
Randy E. and Amy L. Pease to Tyne H. Schlegel; Lot 11, Noneman’s North Side Allotment, 0.344 acre. Warranty deed.
Washington Township
Gary L. and Vicki J. McClure to Gary L. and Vicki J. McClure; Sec. 31, 77.5 acres. Survivorship deed.
Matthew White to Toni White; Sec. 9, 1 acre. Quit claim.
Grover Hill Village
J&K Rental to MLJ Rentals; Lots 1 and 8 Jenkins A, 0.4 acre. Quit claim.
Paulding Village
Chad S. and Jaymie Burtch to Larry B. and Bernice J. Meadows; Lots 24 and 25, Klingler Addition, 0.506 acre. Warranty deed.
Celeste Scheurich, dec. to Rebecca A. Hurtig; Lot 53, Outlots S-12, 0.68 acre. Executor deed.
Anita M. Garza, et al. by Sheriff to Federal National Mortgage Association; Lot 5, Williams Addition, 0.179 acre. Sheriff’s deed.
Jane LeFeber to Oswaldo Martinez Muniz and Amber Martinez Muniz; Lots 8 and 9, Noneman Subdivision, 0.282 acre. Warranty deed.
Payne Village
Christopher B. and Pamela S. Rosswurm to Tracy A. Brigner; Lot G, Gibson’s Third Addition, Lots E-K, 0.465 acre. Warranty deed.