Today, we sometimes hear or think our young people just play with cell phones, text or play video games.

Recently on a TV show, the host took to the streets and asked several young adults, “Who is the Vice President of the United States?”

I was surprised at how many people did not know who it is.

There are a lot of students attending college in hopes of getting a good job. What are they studying? Many are studying science and technology, something in the medical field, business or education.

When you see how many high school graduates go to college compared to when we were growing up, the numbers are very different.

Back then, a lot of girls wanted to get married and raise families, while many sons took over family farms and worked in the fields. These are all wonderful occupations and in rural communities, farmers, teachers and yes, housewives, raise responsible children who serve our schools and farming industries.

Today, more than ever, getting a good job is one of the most important decisions in anyone’s life.

I was very honored to be asked to provide music for a nice event this week. I met many people, ate good food and listened to many speakers.

There were times I thought the speakers were boring and I sort of nodded off, but all of a sudden, the next to the last speaker took the stage.

Oh my! The young man was only 17 years old and knew what he wanted to do and say.

Actually, the young man was Aden Baker, a senior at Wayne Trace High School.

Experienced orators could not do any better on giving a speech and when his enthusiastic presentation ended, people gave the young man a standing ovation.

It was so encouraging to see someone 17 years old who knew not only about the issues, but how to hold people’s attention.

Trust me, you will be hearing from this young man from Paulding County, Grover Hill and WTHS.

Do you know this boy, who has intelligence, an enthusiastic voice and is very sincere?

If you know Aden Baker, wish him good luck in his endeavors. If you do, I will give you a Penny for Your Thoughts.