When it rains it pours.

In our ordinary lives, there seems to be a new problem arise each day.

Of course, my problems may be different than yours, and what seems insurmountable to me, may not be a problem for you.

In my last column, I told you about dropping my cell phone and finding someone who would fix it.

Sounded easy, but when we took the phone to the repairman, he looked at it and said, “You said you had an iPhone 6 and this one is a 5.”

The man gave me the website from which to order the right part for my phone and I felt proud when I ordered it. There, it was done.

The next day I realized I had ordered the wrong part and tried to change my order.

To make a long story short, I finally got the right part ordered after several tries.

When the part arrived, we were supposed to take it to the repairman again and finally get the broken screen fixed.

The day arrived to take my phone in and what a surprise! It snowed that day and officials told us it was not safe to get on a highway or a street.

The phone had to wait, but I did manage to drive to the local grocery store, because we were to get more snow plus wind that night.

Another surprise!

Other people had the same idea I had, which was to go to the grocery.

The store was out of everything I was wanting to buy, plus the place was still packed with shoppers getting milk and bread and everything I had on my list.

I wondered, does everyone want to cook the same things I do when it snows? Do they want to make hot soups, warm drinks and pizza?

After finally getting my groceries, I went home, put the food away and went into my bathroom.

Oh, no! The handle on the toilet looked weird and appeared not to be working. Of course, it would not flush plus the water kept running.

Finally, it was decided the water to my potty had to be shut off. It was leaking and I had to call a plumber.

Oh, my! How could I live during a snowstorm without the use of my plumbing? What a day! I also had gotten a high utility bill in the mail as well and this just added another problem.

This had definitely not been my day.

After surviving the night, I finally got a plumber to come and fix my much-needed toilet.

Then the snow let up, the toilet got fixed, I got some more groceries and we made it over to get my phone fixed.

Things on my bad day could have been a lot worse. As I look around, there is always someone who have bigger problems than myself.

There are those suffering with serious illnesses, poverty and homelessness.

Appreciating what we have, faith in God and strength will help get us through those bad days.

However, they say, “You never miss the water till the well runs dry” and oh, that is so true in more ways than one.

How do you handle your bad days? Does things like broken toilets, crowded grocery stores, a broken phone, snow and a high utility bills contribute to your bad day? Let me know and I’ll Give you a Penny for Your Thoughts.