Dear Editor,

I have been reading the letters in various papers about the COVID-19 virus. So many of these letters start out talking about the virus and quickly turn to some political put down of President Trump, or anyone who thinks the President has done a good job. The authors want to tell how dumb and misinformed the people who disagree with them are. They think calling us Trumpers is a put down, but it isn’t. We enjoy being called Trumpers. We often side with President Trump on various positions. I know he isn’t like the liberals candidate - “Sleepy Joe”- but at least President Trump can finish a sentence without going off into wonderland.

I recently read one letter that went on about how scientific facts should guide us during the COVID-19 virus and how people need to wear a mask and social distance. The author indicated not to be like those foolish Trumpers. We Trumpers already are cautious about the virus, we are not dumb like your words claim. As for using science, the liberals want to be governed by science but they can’t even admit that an unborn baby is human. They believe it is nothing more than a clump of cells. Who is ignorant?

The liberals want to use science when they think it will help save their life, but deny science when they want to kill and destroy. Liberal progressive people with their policies have and will continue to kill more humans than the COVID-19 virus. How many tens of millions of babies have been cut into pieces because of liberal progressive policies?

I believe liberals have lied so much and for so long they can no longer understand the truth. To the liberal - truth is the lie they tell today and tomorrow there will be a new one. I still remember how Obama and his Democrat pals stood in front of America and lied over and over about Obamacare. You do remember how you could keep your “health plan, doctor and save money,” what a joke. If you liberal democrats want to help America, stop trying to act like little gods. There is only one true God and he doesn’t like competition, so states the First Commandment.

Keith E. Myers