What are traditional values? A traditional value is a moral standard that over time has been accepted by most Americans as valuable, worthy and true because of its’ proven success.

Each week, I would like to explore a traditional value. I have an extensive list of traditional values that I have desired to research and write about for awhile.

Throughout time, people have learned how to behave by being taught to be honest, to have manners and good morals, to treat others with respect, to be generous and unselfish, to have an ethic of hard work and to be responsible.

Each one of these values have been historically embraced by the majority of Americans to be a large part of what makes America great.

In America, if one takes responsibility for their own life and works hard, they have the individual right and freedom to pursue any educational or occupational goal they desire and reach any level of success they can dream of.

Some traditional values have recently been the topic of controversy because of their so-called irrelevancy to today’s society and culture. I understand some of these values can be controversial, but conversation creates understanding.

As we go through the list, I hope to show each value does still have worth and is still relevant to all Americans today, no matter our race, ethnicity, politics or religion.

These values are what traditionally made America a strong, close-knit nation of diverse people who stood by each other. I believe they are the answer to achieving a renewed sense of camaraderie in America today.

Historically, this country has taken in millions of people from a variety of cultures from all over the world and provided an environment of unity. It is these traditional American values that has allowed us to do this.

I believe a revival of traditional values in our nation will revitalize us as Americans and help us achieve a renewed sense of mutual trust and friendship among our fellow countrymen. After all, we spend a lot of time together as Americans.

Next week, let’s spend some time discussing the first traditional value on the list – altruism.