The art of negotiation is all about coming to an agreement with someone. Life is a series of negotiations from the time we wake up until we go to sleep. Moms and dads are constantly negotiating with their children. Children and students are constantly negotiating with peers and friends. Have you ever lived in a house with one bathroom and five people, and three of them are teenagers? I did.

Diplomacy is the art of negotiating. It is the chief instrument used in dealing with foreign countries and foreign relations. Diplomacy strengthens the relationships between our country and foreign countries. The art of diplomacy seeks to develop good will and prevent conflict and wars. It allows for nonviolent answers to the problems facing each nation. Diplomacy is highly valuable in today’s world. No country should desire to be in a state of war.

Diplomacy is not only valuable in settling differences between foreign countries, government agencies, and states, it is also important between companies, groups and individuals. Being diplomatic in our everyday negotiations with other businesses and people in the community strengthens bonds and prevents resentment between the parties involved. Diplomacy is highly valuable in today’s world. It is important to know why the other side wants a certain deal. Understanding their point of view can mean the difference in the outcome of the conflict. Being able to effectively communicate the needs and wants on one side of the spectrum means the difference between settling negotiations calmly or violently.

Just some of the issues facing government officials today include immigration, healthcare, terrorism, national security, climate change, and so on. The list goes on and on and each one of these issues needs the art of diplomacy and negotiation to work toward solutions that satisfy all sides of the spectrum. Most importantly today would be the coronavirus outbreak and the negotiations that go along with trade and tourism in other countries.

Businesses and companies need diplomatic employees who can negotiate business transactions. The quality of being diplomatic can be quite valuable to an employer. Effective networking and leadership skills in the business world allows for more successful companies and has the power to transform entire communities. In the work force, it is important to negotiate the best deal. Yes, negotiation is part of everyday life, but in the business world it is a vital quality to have. It is absolutely critical to the success of a company.

If people stop believing in the value of diplomacy and negotiation there will be much more conflict and violence in the world as one side tries to force the other side to cave in to their demands. We have to have diplomats who believe in compromise and negotiation. We have to have diplomatic friends and family members in our lives who believe in compromise, and we need diplomatic people in our communities because give and take is important in every relationship.