Staff writer

Kindness can be showed in many forms. It can range from grandiose gestures, such as giving generous monetary donations to simple, minute gestures, such as holding open the door for someone.

The grand or big gestures of kindness are easily visible, recognizable and easier to execute, at times.

The small acts of kinds that are a profound impact on someone’s day are often unrecognized and sometimes receive minimal gratitude.

Those small acts of kindness are, quite possibly, the very thing that gets people through life, especially during times like these.

Since the pandemic reached the United States everyone has experience a severe change in life.

Through social media people are able to reach out to others and show kindness, sometimes to people the have never met.

Locally, though, there are little bees that buzzing around sprinkling kindness everywhere.

There are a couple of parishioners from Payne Church of Nazarene that take grocery requests, pick up and deliver to other parishioners that are unable to go into stores, presently.

A Paulding resident gets her parents groceries weekly so that her dad, a nurse and her mom do not have to leave the house.

Another Paulding resident takes baked goods weekly to neighbors and other local residents.

On Facebook there have been a few groups that are specifically designed for acts of kindness.

Due to the cancellation of graduation there was a group on Facebook that local residents or family members were able to “Adopt a Senior.” There was no minimum or maximum limit to what a person could or could not give the adopted senior. The group flourished and many seniors in the area received kind, thoughtful, and generous gifts in lieu of graduation parties.

Another Facebook group was established specifically to pass acts of kindness to mothers in the area. The group was based on wining people; the premise was to learn a person’s favorite wine and treats, create a small basket and deliver it anonymously. But, many local mother’s joined and not all enjoyed wine or other alcoholic beverages.

That was perfectly acceptable to the group. This group flourished as well. A significant amount of local mom’s received gift baskets of their favorite beverage and snacks.

This group was the motivation for a third Facebook group. This group was created so that people could deliver little gifts via Amazon wish list to local people or people in the extended area, such as Ft. Wayne.

The premise of this group is once you are a member you share your Amazon wish list with the other members and each member exchanges sending “kindness packages” to each other, or each other’s children.

A local mom from Payne shared with me that she and her daughter like to play the online game Roblox. Often, while playing, she and her daughter will come across other children that do not have money to purchase a necessary accessory to advance to the next level. She and her daughter will purchase that accessory for the child and allow them to access it so they can continue to play.

Payne, especially, was afforded an extra special gift for Easter this year. There was a special “bunny” hopping through town randomly placing “Easter baskets” with a book and a stuffed animal in a Ziplock bag, throughout the community for children to pick up while walking with their parents.

Presently, many people are conveying their concerns and worries. Since there are several restrictions in place to follow regarding socializing and visiting people are finding other means to reach out and communicate to show empathy, love and compassion. The dear old letter is making a come back.

It is in times, as we are presently facing, that the sweet, simple acts of kindness that keep people looking forward, help those who feel alone and isolated like they are not alone and often brings a glimpse of joy to a person’s world.

Take a look around you. Is there something that you could do today to show a little act of kindness? Find it in you to do so; not only are you impacting someone else’s life, but you would be surprised how your life is impacted.