The library

is a treasure

Dear Editor,

Over the past 102 years, one thing has remained a constant in Paulding County and that is that the library team has always been dedicated to delivering excellent library services to Paulding County residents.

Leadership of the Paulding County Carnegie Library has changed over the course of the history of the library. I am the 16th library director to serve in the past 102 years. Throughout the decades, the library team has continually strived to bring quality service to all citizens.

Library service has changed with each decade and the team has had to adapt and learn new skills to guide their patrons through the maze of changing formats, computers, electronic devices, and the internet.

Books remain the most important format in the library’s collection and you will find the team ready to advise you on the best read to meet your informational and recreational needs.

But, I wonder what those very first team members in 1916 would think about today’s 21st Century Library. I wonder what Andrew Carnegie would think about the Cat-5 structural computer network wiring bundled and running along the ceilings and spider-webbing throughout the building?

In 2017, the library system broke all records for use and attendance at children’s, family and adult programs. Over 290,000 items were borrowed and thousands of Paulding County citizens attended programs. Perhaps if you were not a library user in the past year, you know of one.

Recently I met a young man who holds a professional position of service in Paulding County. He recounted fondly his memories of visiting the library, attending story times and checking out books. I see many young parents who themselves attended story time and are now bringing their children to story times. Residents of all ages with diverse needs use the library. Many business people run their offices at the library, utilizing the library’s Wi-Fi, computers and other services to keep in touch with their clients.

From the residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities to the preschoolers on the bookmobile, after-school students exploring the 3D printers, seniors playing bingo, families checking out books and movies, and job seekers building a resume and applying for a job, the Paulding County Carnegie Library team strives to provide unprecedented library service to all citizens of the county. Public libraries are relevant and important to our county’s citizens in the 21st century. I ask you to remember, without stable funding the library team cannot continue to bring you the library services all citizens expect and are accustomed.

Happy Reading!

Susan Pieper