If you are anything like me, you find yourself looking at various styles and trends.

Sometimes I look online or in a magazine just to familiarize myself with what’s “trendy” or “cool” as we used to say.

Just take a look at shoppers in a mall or go to a big city to people watch. This is entertaining and you can observe and learn a lot. Now, one thing for certain is how fast trends come and go.

Personally I thought it was so cool when I got my ears pierced, but I never thought I would see the day when almost every body part could be pierced.

I am getting used to seeing newer trends such as nose piercings, navel piercings eyebrow piercings and tongue piercings.

I quietly observe different hair colors. I am amazed to see colors such as bright red, purple, blue and green.

Some of these sound okay for younger folks, but not for seniors (like myself).

Tattoos have also been around for a long time and a lot of guys got them while serving in the military.

From there, tattooing is becoming more popular and it is almost like a “rite of passage” to get a tattoo.

When reading about tattoo art, I learned Thomas Edition drew up the blueprints for the first electric ink pen.

Today there are tattoos that cover a whole section of body parts and I have even seen someone with the top of their head tattooed.

Do I have a tattoo? Of course.

Makeup, such as eyeliner, also can be tattooed permanently on your face. It never has to be touched up or washed off and reapplied.

Another item that has seemingly been made easier to put on are false eyelashes.

I have tried almost every kind there is and I never have any luck with them.

I have tried the magnetic, growth mascara, single eyelash application and whatever I can do to make my lashes long. So far no luck.

While at my hairdresser the other day, I was asked if I had heard about “nose hair” extensions. I was shocked to see and hear about this latest fashion trend.

I wonder how the people buying them get them to stay on or do they simply have to use glue?

When I saw the link about extension nose hairs, I had the following concerns:

1. How do you get them to stay on?

2. How do you eat, drink or blow your nose?

3. How do you kiss?

4. Why are we so careful about not letting our nose hair get long anyway?

I am perplexed and if you can answer any of these important questions, let me know and I'll give you a Penny for Your Thoughts.