Support made

2017 a success

for Nips & Snips

Dear Editor,

Nips & Snips of Paulding County Ohio Inc. wants to thank all of you in Paulding County who have made our seven months a success. Will all your help, we have neutered/spayed approximately 500 cats and kittens.

With your generous monetary donations, we have purchased live traps, carriers, medicine, cat food, cat litter, and assisted with emergency surgical needs when necessary.

We could not have done this without the help and support of the many individuals and businesses here in this county and surrounding counties. Here is a brief listing:

Paulding County Area Foundation

Cecil Fire Department

Paulding Fire Department

Oakwood Gleaners

Paulding Putnam Electric

Paulding Progress

Paulding County Carnegie Library

Brune Printing

West Bend News

Neuter Scooter and Dr. Peavy and staff

Antwerp Local Schools

This only covers just a small portion of those to whom we give a big thank you.

Without them, this major undertaking could not have achieved the success that it has.

With your continued support, we look to 2018 for another successful year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Altha “Sam” Clippinger and other members, staff and

officers of Nips & Snips of Paulding County Ohio Inc.