Any time I’m out in public, I always wonder what happened to people’s standards in terms of appearance.

I just don’t think it’s acceptable to go into public wearing anything that resembles pajama pants. Sorry, but no one wants to see your saggy Winnie the Pooh pants and your soggy slippers. It takes literally 15 seconds to put jeans and shoes on.

You don’t need to dress up to buy toilet paper at Dollar General, but please put on real pants and run a comb through your hair. Oh, and don’t forget a bra!!

I understand the desire to be comfortable. I will be the first to admit that as soon as I get home from work, as long as I won’t be leaving the house for the rest of the night, I put on pajamas. But I don’t wear them outside the house.

Whether we like it or not, we are judged by others based on our appearance. By wearing your panda PJ pants in public you are telling people that you are lazy and don’t care about your personal appearance. I understand that people are able to express themselves with their clothes, but what are you expressing if you look like you just rolled out of bed at three in the afternoon?

I get that people get busy. I work almost full time, take care of three kids and a bunch of other stuff. But you won’t catch me in public without proper clothing or make up on. The worse I will probably be wearing is workout pants, because I just got done working out. I can get presentable in 15 minutes. You should be able to also.

It seems like our society is lacking personal integrity and respect for ourselves. How you see yourself is how others will see you. Your appearance is how you portray to the world what kind of person you are. How do you want people to see you?

Sometimes people aren’t able to buy the really nice trendy clothes and I understand that. But it’s totally possible to buy nice clothes at a decent price. Our county is lucky to have the Bargain Bin in Paulding. Every week they have a good selection of nice clothes for a very good price. $6 for a trash bag full of clothes should be possible on any budget.

Garage sales or online are other great options too. Even just by shopping clearance racks and using coupons you can afford nice clothes for a decent price. It’s possible to get appropriate looking clothes on a budget.

Over the decades our idea of casual dress has changed so dramatically. Let’s take a stroll back to the 1930s.

When we think of the 1930s we usually think of the Great Depression. This was a time in American history when people just didn’t have very much. But they still cared greatly about how they looked.

It was said that is was a woman’s duty to look “smart” and dress “smart” by keeping up with the latest fashions within their budget. A woman of that time was considered a good steward of her husband’s money if she could dress her family to look nice on a small budget.

When women were doing things around the house or visiting neighbors, they wore a casual house dress, often made out of cotton. They followed the trends in terms of style and were usually in bright and colorful patterns. But they would not leave the house in these dresses.

For running errands, attending a movie or similar adventures, women wore an afternoon dress. They were generally made of rayon or silk and were cut in the fashionable style of the time.

In my research, I saw no mention of pajamas outside the house. Even during a time when money was tight, women still found a way to look fabulous. Why can’t we do that now? And I’m not saying women should wear dresses 24/7, I’m just asking for regular clothes in public.

This doesn’t just apply to women either. Men, you need to step up your game. T-shirts and jeans are not standard uniform for every situation in life. Mix it up with some button down shirts, sweaters, bow ties and suspenders.

So take some pride in yourself and your appearance. Trade in your Cookie Monster fleece pants for some jeans, brush your hair and teeth, hold your head high and be proud of how you look.