for Galbraith

Dear Editor,

I am a registered Republican and I always vote for the candidate whom I feel will do the best job for me. I strongly feel that we need a US Congress Representative in Ohio’s 5th District that actually represents us, not just his large corporate and PAC money donors. He blindly follows the strict party directives.

Anyone who tries to talk to Latta gets the runaround; the subject gets changed, or you get a mumbling earful of scripted platitudes about the great things he says he has done while he ignores your issues and concerns in a rambling response. He has famously refused to meet publicly with his constituents, or to respond to questions publicly “on the record”. He always shows up for photo ops, but then has an excuse that requires him to leave quickly or he gets hustled away when the questions get too direct or uncomfortable for him.

I am one of a fast growing number of Republicans who believes that Bob Latta is not the right person for the job. Bob Kreinkamp, a Republican whom I know, was a broadcast engineer for WBGU-TV for 33 years and is a farmer near Wayne in Wood County. Bob was so fed up with “No Show” Latta that he ran against him in the Republican primary. Unfortunately he didn’t have over $1 million in his war chest like Latta, but he still garnered nearly 10% of the vote. Kreinkamp is now supporting Mike Galbraith, the Democrat candidate for Ohio’s 5th Congressional district.

Mike Galbraith is committed to protect Social Security and to stop congress from raiding the fund. Congress had pledged to transfer any surplus money out of the Social Security Trust Fund and into the general fund to reduce the federal deficit.

The Trust Fund is for future retirees, not to pay for the tax cut for the wealthy. Galbraith is committed to protect healthcare, to restore and improve the Affordable Care Act, extend Medicare to all age groups, protect coverage for pre-existing conditions and for children up to age 26.

He will fight for jobs and the economy by reclaiming congressional authority regarding tariffs and by protecting our farmers and small manufacturers.

Galbraith will protect democracy by fighting to uphold the rule of law, to ensure that Congress exercises its constitutional responsibility of checks and balances on the Executive Branch.

Mike will fight to protect and support: our environment, families (affordable childcare, paid family leave), quality public schools, consumer protections, women’s, veterans’, workers’ and students’ rights, strong public health and tax relief, especially for caregivers of family members with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

See also: Republicans supporting Michael Galbraith for Congress on Facebook and his website:

Don Oberlin