Pro-life embraces the full spectrum of life

Dear Editor,

Thank you, Sheri Baker for your thoughtful letter in the Progress on August 12, 2020.

An unborn child is precious and deserves life. Virtually every pro-choice advocate holds that position. The only folks referring to the pro-choice as pro-abortion are anti-choice conservatives whose goal is to marginalize those with whom they differ. Some of these are Republican office holders who demonize the pro-choice for political ends as they advocate violent laws forcing women to birth even when pregnancies are the result of rape, incest, or risk the life of the mother.

Those who oppose choice proudly proclaim themselves pro-life but what most are is pro-birth, not pro-life. There is wrong with being pro-birth; we are all pro-birth. Those who are for choice believe life is incomparably precious and abortion should be the very last resort.

Every pro-choice person I have ever known believes abortion should be rare and exceptional. I have never met a person nor heard of one who is pro-abortion. Never. I do know many who are pro-choice. Equating pro-choice with pro-abortion is a lie anti-choice zealots tell themselves and each other. It isn’t true, but the lie repeated endlessly is believed by weak-minded who desire big government forcing pregnant women to give birth in circumstances they know absolutely nothing about.

The Bible teaches that like a tree, men are known by what the produce, by what they do. Republican politicians who fancy themselves as pro-life fall far short by the metric.

Republican legislators have consistently opposed pro-life programs like Social Security, Medicare, public education, minimum wage, unions providing pensions, child nutrition programs and Medicaid expansion.

In Ohio, our elected Republicans voted with arrested leader Larry Householder to deny our most vulnerable residents Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Had not then Governor Kasich vetoed their reprehensible legislation, it would now be a law, as it is in several other states.

Statehouse Republicans voted down Medicaid expansion even though Ohio’s expense is capped at 10% of the cost of covering them. If Republicans had their way many of our most vulnerable would now be without medical care. Not exactly a Good Samaritan scenario.

Studies show states which turned down Medicaid expansion have high health care cost to their respective states than the cost of the Medicaid expansion. Yes, it costs taxpayers more money not to cover the vulnerable than to cover them. These uncaring, reckless Republicans are fiscally irresponsible and morally misguided.

Republican politicians show up in local churches claiming to be pro-life but their legislation speaks otherwise. It ain’t what you say, it’s what you do. Pro-life embraces the full spectrum of life.

Pro-life is pro-choice believing abortion should be exceptionally rare. Pro-life embraces environment, education, health insurance, pensions, even competency in government.

Trump paid to shag a porn star when his wife was with their new born baby. Compare that to Joe Biden traveling hours to and from Washington each day for years caring for his boys after their mother passed away. That’s pro-life.

Rolland Myers

Oakwood, Ohi