Primary election clarification

Dear Editor,

Primary Elections can be somewhat confusing for voters. In a Primary Election in Ohio you must complete on your absentee ballot application the type of ballot you wish to vote.

In Ohio, the only recognized political parties for March’s primary election were: Democratic and Republican (the two major political parties) and Libertarian (a minor political party). Ohio does not have Independent candidates.

If you do not wish to vote a political party ballot (Democratic, Republican, or Libertarian) in which there are candidates listed, then the other option is to vote an issues only ballot which is also recognized as a non-party ballot.

When the March 17th Primary Election in Ohio was not held on March 17th due to the State of Ohio Stay at Home order, the election became a Vote by Mail election concluding the March election on April 28th giving the opportunity to everyone wishing to vote in the primary election.

The elections office staff was able to process correctly completed applications on a daily basis. The office always works with mail out ballots in a bi-partisan team. The Paulding Post Office was in communication with the office on a daily basis. Should you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office by telephone: (419)399-8230 or by email:

Brenda Crawford

Director of Paulding County Board of Elections?