Please remember

Nancy Eagleson

Dear Editor,

Another year, and there’s still no resolution to the Nancy Eagleson murder in Paulding on Nov. 13, 1960.

In Fort Wayne, Indiana, the 30-year-old murder of April Tinsley was solved due to advances in DNA technology and comparison to extensive genealogy databases.

This gives hope to everyone in the Paulding area who is still haunted by Nancy’s murder, that one day the case will be solved. All that is needed is the killer’s DNA. Is it available? The perpetrator, who may very well still walk among us, better hope that after all this time, it will never be obtained. But advances in DNA forensics are quick, startling and still occurring. There is great cause for concern for every perpetrator of every unsolved violent crime. Just as the authorities came knocking for April’s murderer, they may come knocking for you one day. We all wait and hope.

Please join the family and friends of Nancy Eagleson on the annual Walk to Remember Nancy on Saturday evening, Nov. 17 at 7 pm., rain or shine. We will assemble at the site of the former Paulding Theater on Perry Street in downtown Paulding and walk to the abduction site on Flat Rock Drive. We will honor a remarkable young woman who deserves to be remembered and whose story waits to be completed.

Dress for the weather, bring a flashlight, and show your support for the continued investigation of this crime.

Jeanne Windsor