Dear Editor,

When I last read the PP there was a section of remembering years past. As I remember, today would have been my father’s 103 birthday. I was reminded that 70 years ago in June, he was assigned to the Methodist Church on North Williams Street. My mother, Ivaloo, my older brother, Ron, and myself and my younger brother, Merwyn (Murray), of course joined him. For eight wonderful years, Paulding was our home. My brothers and I often remember those formative years as wonderful, fun developing times. I went into second grade and the year we were reassigned, Ron graduated in 1955. So for families who never own a home (in those days), we left our home and moved to Lima for only one year. It had been a town to do our Christmas shopping and we were happy to be assigned to Bryan (for nine years), a village more like Paulding.

My point with this letter, is just to say thank you to such a wonderful county seat full of caring and accepting people and families. Often such life experiences are taken for granted because there is nothing else to compare with.

I am sure no one of my parents’ generation is left and possibly few of mine or my brothers, maybe a few younger who remember my parents or hearing of them. But I trust the atmosphere of caring and concern, family growth and development and community prosperity continue and grow.

Thank you for all you meant to me, and to our family and the contribution of the “city” to the person each of the three of us became and is today. We salute the history of the city and God bless you.

Janice Black

Tampa, Fla.