My daily routine
I usually have to get up everyday around 8:30-8:45 a.m. Which doesn’t sound bad at all. Especially considering I had to wake up at 7 a.m. in the morning for four years of high school and then this summer when I got a job at a factory I had to get up at 6 a.m. all week. However, waking up for college classes anytime before noon is the hardest thing in the world. I don’t know what happened or why, but it feels impossible every morning no matter how much sleep I get.
Perhaps it’s the fact that my other classes are later in the day or maybe because each class isn’t as important. Either way, I wake up and go to Spanish II every morning. Which I have to be awake for because foreign language classes at OSU are the most interactive classes. You constantly have to engage in repeating vocabulary, answer questions, work in groups and present in front of the class. It makes total sense because we’re trying to learn a foreign language but it really shows you how tired you are.
Spanish is a fifty five minute class and I have a 15 minute break until my next class. To get to my next class, I get to walk by Mirror Lake. This is usually a highlight of my morning because I love getting a little piece of nature in the city.
I always see squirrels playing or ducks swimming or something to entertain me while I walk by. Then I get to my biology class which is also another fifty five minute class.
However in this class, most of our points come from questions we answer online during class. It’s really easy and gives us free points. As soon as that class is over I head to the dining hall.
There are three main dining halls on campus and then 10-15 little cafes and sit down restaurants. The dining halls are buffet style and don’t cost money if you have a meal plan so that’s usually where I go.
One dining hall is on west campus, one on south and one is on north. The one up north is by far the best dining hall. It has two floors with about every food you can think of.
The bottom floor has a sandwich bar, a dessert bar, an Italian bar, a breakfast bar, a salad bar and a Mexican bar.
Upstairs has an Asian bar, an on the grill order area, a Mongolian bar and another Mexican bar. However, my classes and my dorm are on south so I hardly ever go there.
Instead I go to Kennedy Commons on south campus that has a big salad bar and three little food bars and that’s it. They also usually serve the same food everyday so my meals are usually the same. I’ll get two chicken breasts with fries and ketchup with two cups of milk and a bowl of whatever fruit is in the salad bar that day. Usually its watermelon and mandarin oranges. Occasionally I’ll get waffles which they serve about once a week or maybe a bowl of Lucky Charms if I’m tired of chicken. I usually get done eating by 12:30 p.m. and head back to my room.
Not my favorite place ever, but it’s relaxing. My dorm is the second oldest dorm on campus and what it lacks in air conditioning it makes up for in cockroaches and beds that fall apart.
It has been really entertaining, but also really annoying. Anyways, once I get in my room I will feed my fish and work on homework for a couple hours.
Around 2 or 2:15 p.m. I take a shower and head off to my next class at 3 p.m. My chemistry class is so big the room has a balcony so it can hold everyone. I believe its around 320 students in that class.
The classes are a presentation style lecture. This class also gets over after 55 minutes.
Then I’m done for the day. This is my basic schedule every day except for Thursdays.
Thursdays are my bad days. I have Spanish in the morning, but then I have my biology and chemistry labs that day. So I have back to back three hour labs with a 20 minute break in between to get to the next one.
From 11 a.m. - 5:20 p.m. I am in labs. It isn’t too bad, but I’m usually extremely hungry.
On a normal day after chemistry I usually try to get my homework done as quick as I can so I can enjoy my night. If I don’t end up doing anything with friends, I’ll do some work online for a company that I grade high school papers for.
Usually, I’ll get supper with my friends and if it’s not horribly cold well play sand volleyball.
Lately, we’ve been playing basketball in the inside gyms about three times a week. Once it warms up it’ll be a mix of volleyball and basketball.
Tradition is after basketball to get a smoothie from the café in the gym which is my favorite part because they are so unbelievably good.
Then I head back and shower and just watch TV or play video games until I go to bed.
That’s my average day on campus. Obviously, everyday can have surprises and something different happen, but for the most part I’d say my days stay consistent.
I really do enjoy the schedule I have going on this semester. It’s a lot better than waking up at 7:30 a.m. everyday like last semester and having classes all day everyday.