I was very privileged to work as a writer with Melinda Krick as my editor, here at the Paulding Progress for quite a while. 

First of all,  she is not only very smart and precise, but she has had quite a busy time with all the comings and goings of getting a newspaper together.

Miss Melinda and I go back to probably about 1990, when she was writing for another paper (I won't say which one) and I had just started as a correspondent for the Progress.

We were both covering the Paulding Village Council meetings and I sat beside her. 

I thought to myself, she looks like she knows what she's doing. Maybe I can see what she is writing.

So I inched a little closer and tried to take a peep at her notes.

She must have caught me, because, she put her arms and hands over her notes and papers.

That was our initial meeting. She then became editor and I came on the office staff in 1998.

Melinda always kept a stash of candy or treats in her desk. One thing she loved was hot fire cinnamon balls. 

I used to buy her big containers of them and she would always say, "Oh no. I don't need those." However, I can't even begin to tell you how many hot balls she consumed over the years. Probably over 1,000. Her mouth and tongue would get sore from them.

Not too long ago, I called and told her I was going to bring in another jar for her just for a gift.

Of course, this time she replied that she broke a tooth and refused my offer. 

Melinda and I used to go to ONA Conferences in Columbus once in a while where The Progress was honored  by winning many awards. 

One night we stayed at this hotel and our heat or AC wasn't working. We called the front desk and the maintenance man came up to fix it. 

I had my pajamas on, unaware it was a crop top. I was jumping up and down to show Mr. Maintenance man where the thermostat was, not even realizing that each time I jumped, I was showing my upper torso. I bet he got quite an eye full.

Melinda was embarrassed and gave me dirty looks, so I later asked her what was wrong.

She told me alright and it was just something we never ever forgot.

On Monday nights, we both worked late and she took a small break before I left.

I was always starving and would look for food. I knew Melinda had chocolate tucked away and lo and behold I found some. I did occasionally eat it and I did not think I was stealing, because, after all, she used to eat goodies right in front of me. So I knew she had it. 

Later she had an idea that someone was eating her chocolate. Now, she knows..... it was ME!

Melinda always looks so innocent, but she was usually in on any jokes happening in the office. 

Halloween was approaching one year and the girls from The Progress decided to dress up and give out candy to our customers.

The day before we were to dress up, I made sure we were all on the same page.

Well, I put on a cow outfit, complete with udders and horns. As I drove through Paulding, everyone waved and smiled.

Wow! I got to the office and as I peered around, I saw that I am the only one dressed up. I know Melinda had something to do with it, because I believe she laughed the most. 

This next story has to do with two different words. I would always say, "cold crock" and Melinda would correct me every time and say, "No, it's cold cock."

We argue until this day on that word. I always thought you hit someone with a cold crock. Now, who is right? 

The other word is doodless. My granny used to say that a person was doodless if they were lazy or did not amount to anything.

Melinda told me, "It is not doodless, it is dueless." You tell me, who is right? 

Melinda and I worked together, laughed together and cried together.

We ate together, drank together and went places together.

She has reported news of murders, robberies and meetings. 

She has brought the latest Paulding County news to you as well as getting the news on our website and Facebook.

Paulding will miss your dedication and your ability to present the news as it should be.

Melinda’s roots and love of Paulding speaks for itself in an award winning publication she puts together herself called, "Visions of Paulding County." 

We can't fill someone else's shoes, but we wish her all the best in her future.

And Melinda, you are NOT doodless and I won't COLD CROCK you. 

Wish this editor the best of luck and I'll give you a Penny For Your Thoughts.