Dear Editor,

Ever have times of “Shudda?” Shudda said thanks..shudda asked a question..shudda gone. Well, I had one of those on Friday the 17th evening when a hard knock at my door had me racing to open it and instead of expecting a family member I heard the most beautiful singing from out of the dark of my driveway.

I’ve seen pictures of Christmas Carols being sung and in all my years I have never experienced the pleasure of anyone coming to sing at my door. It was amazing and in all the excitement of this gift I failed to ask who the group was..and why I was being gifted so beautifully. They came and left with the beautiful voices and a farewell of “MERRY CHRISTMAS” to which I could only applaud, say “thanks, Merry Christmas and God bless you.”

I shudda have asked…but oh how grateful I am…

Lorraine Schaefer