Large gatherings lead to more COVID cases

Dear Editor,

I believe most residents of Paulding County understand the entire world, including this county, is in the midst of a global pandemic. However, from the careless masses refusing to wear a mask or practice safe distancing to our clueless leaders organizing gatherings like the John Paulding Summer Bash, we see behavior and plans which are appalling.

Local leaders planning the July 17 celebration endanger vulnerable residents in this county. The dramatic increases in covid infections presently occurring in the US has been attributed to gatherings in bars, beaches, rallies, riots, and wherever large numbers of people gather for any reason because many attending choose not to wear masks or practice social distancing. Too often, these people are Trumpers emulating their hero. Hey, it’s a free country, right? Right, no obligation and no responsibility toward the vulnerable in this pandemic; true Trumpers indeed.

Covid-19 cases in this county will increase as a result of the planned Summer Bash. Not a might, not a maybe, there is no question whatsoever Covid-19 cases in this county will increase as a direct result of the July 17 activities and predictably, increased hospitalizations and increased deaths will result. Real people, real death. Have we not learned? Why deliberately thumb our noses at data?

Compare the 7-day moving average of US infections and deaths with other countries and you will be shocked at our ineffective control of this pandemic.

Obviously, the leaders planning upcoming events in this county and the people attending, if any are foolish enough to do so, have yet to experience what many covid patients have in their desperate struggle to live… total separation from family, many having a 10-inch tube rammed down their throats in a desperate attempt to breathe, many dying alone isolated from the comfort and love of caring families as more than 125,000 have, so far, in the US.

I appreciate that most Trumpers believe they have little need for the practices keeping covid at bay in other countries. Many think God will protect them from covid and if God doesn’t, who can? We neglect God’s safe keeping when we willfully abandon proven, common sense ways of protecting ourselves. The willfully ignorant remain outside God’s protection; God does not force us to accept simple safety measures made clear to intellect by data. As noted, we are free, free to be as ignorant as we insist on being.

Inconsiderate people not wearing masks and not practicing safe distancing will attend the Summer Bash and they may make up a large percentage of the crowd.

Now is not the time to give this disease more opportunity to spread. Now is the time to be prudent, thoughtful, and deliberate in controlling this virus until it is subdued.

Presently, we have a pandemic which spreads where people congregate. A Summer Bash won’t be much fun if it results in a bashing from Covid-19. 

Rolland Myers