Dear Editor,

The Paulding Chamber of Commerce held an election results party at the old Masonic Temple downtown on Nov. 7. The event was a hit and all who attended had a blast. The results of the election were obtained from the Paulding County Board of Elections and projected onto the wall for all to see as the final votes came in.

The chamber would like to thank the 11 candidates and levy representatives who sponsored the event including Dave Burtch, Tim Boss, Barb Rife, Stacey Butler, Lois Beamer, Randy Daeger, Clint Vance, Karen Saxton, Lisa McClure, the DD Levy Committee, and Citizens for Vantage.

The chamber would also like to thank Laron Hodgin for letting us use the historical Masonic Temple. It was a fantastic opportunity for all of Paulding to have a place to gather and watch the votes come in.

Each candidate was supportive of one another no matter if they won or lost, and that was a wonderful thing to see. People care for Paulding, and wish to see it thrive, and that’s what’s most important.

Mikayla Pieper

executive director

Paulding Chamber of