I recently had the opportunity to attend a big wedding of one of my friend Denny’s cousins.

His cousin, the groom, was of an older age and had never been married.

I fretted and stewed for weeks on what I should wear. The church wedding was in the early afternoon and the reception was later in the evening.

The ceremony was to be in a big fancy church and the reception was to be in a barn.

It was warm, of course, that day, so I decided to go with more comfortable feeling clothes for the ceremony.

Choosing a lacy white blouse and black pants, I hoped that I was not underdressed.

We arrived at the event and the church was the biggest and one of the most beautiful places I had ever been in.

It was adorned with tall cathedral type stained glass windows, high curved ceilings and details that were breathtaking. To me it resembled a castle.

Upon arrival, a beautiful voice was singing with the sound resonating from the balcony.

With a church filled with friends and family, the bride and her attendants came up the aisle and the ceremony began.

The service, along with the vows and communion, took about one hour.

Everyone stood outside and congratulated the newly wedded couple. An old wagon had been decorated and rigged up with a TV, a recliner and remote control for the couple to ride around in.

We had a few hours to kill prior to the reception so we had lunch and decided we were going to just dress outdoorsy for the reception. After all, this was more of an outdoor event.

It was very hot and humid, but the sun was shining brightly even later in the evening.

Upon arrival, we saw so many people that it was hard for me (kind of a stranger) to know exactly who was who.

We spied Denny’s brothers and sat with them under a tent.

The food had been catered in and there was a lot to choose from.

Now, of course, I enjoyed the wedding and the celebrating, but after a time, I wondered where the “ladies room” was.

After all, I did not see anything that resembled a restroom.

But, there were two white buildings that were porta-potties. I was so surprised to go in and find out it was air conditioned. Not only that, it was unlike any porta-potty I had ever encountered, plus, it had flushing johns and a hand sink with running water.

It was so nice and cool in there, I wished I could have stayed in it longer. Seriously, it was small, but really nice and it smelled good.

However, there was a line of ladies waiting to use it, too.

I have lived through the old outhouses, a well pump, tin cups and wringer washers.

I have used lots of porta-potties, but this one was like the Rolls Royce of porta-potties. What a surprise.

I was, however, thinking to myself about all the changes that have came around the past 50 years.

Years ago, it was common to wear a hat and gloves to church services. I don’t wear hats or gloves to church, but I do tend to try and dress up. I guess I am old school.

There was really no set dress code for the wedding as I observed people in shorts. capris and jeans.

I know, too, that a lot of churches have a “come as you are” policy, which gets us away from hats, gloves, suits and ties.

This is good if it brings people into churches.

Even though we should have respect, I don’t think God cares how we dress.

But like I said, I was raised during a different time period and sometimes old rules stick with us.

The day was great and as they always say, “A good time was had by all.”

Have you ever worn a hat, dress or suit to church services? Have you ever used a “state-of-the-art” porta-potty? Let me know and I’ll give you a Penny for Your Thoughts.