Dear Editor:

In 1949 I started in the first grade at Paulding Local School. Our first field trip was to the Paulding Carnegie Library. You would have thought I was going up the steps at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. I was so impressed, that I knew that I wanted to have a large library room of my own in my own home some day. I do have a very large library, but still love coming to the Paulding Carnegie Library because it is so historic. Please help us keep it.

The staff and all of their employees are friendly, helpful and it will be a great loss, not only to the community, but to other libraries as well, who depend on their assistance. Many community organizations are welcomed to use the meeting room at no charge. Children’s groups are entertained all year around. The public can use their computers and copiers.

Books could become obsolete if we let them. (As you probably know, cursive writing is no longer being taught in some schools at this time). How are people going to know how to read and write if the young people don’t have teachers to show them how to read books and how to write with a pen or pencil?

In communist countries you may have seen historic true movies of actual book burnings not that many years ago. It’s scary what a turn the world could take even in the next decade if people don’t wake up and retain the written knowledge that we do have. (And continue to learn how to write the written word. Computers are not the answer to everything. Batteries go dead and lights go out.)

This letter is concerning the renewal levy that will be on the Nov. 4 election ballot for the Paulding Carnegie Library system. If you are unaware of the importance of this issue, please come to the libraries and see the buildings, books, the departments and meet the wonderful staff that has been there all this time to serve you. They have a book bus and a used book building that is open certain days. Never throw away your old good books, donate them to the Paulding Carnegie Library.

Voters are urged to vote yes for this levy so that we do not lose our beautiful libraries. As has been said before, “These dollars represent almost half of the total budget of the Paulding County Carnegie Library and the need for the renewal is now. If this renewal fails, the library cannot try again in the spring because the levy will have expired at the end of 2014, taking 50% of the library’s funds off the table. Any future levy request would be a new levy and would be calculated at new, higher property valuation rates than those that were in effect in 2009.”

Cuts have been made throughout the library system to save money, but they still need money to operate on. Please vote yes on the ballot for this most worthy cause. Please think of all ages of people who use the Paulding County Library and its branches. Thanks for your affirmative vote.

Caroline Wells Longardner Zimmerman