I was thinking about all the jobs that you have to get a license to do. Do you think that having a license to do something makes you more qualified to do it?

Yes, in most cases having a license to practice a job or profession makes the customer feel more at ease when doing business with a professional.

Doctors, nurses, hairdressers, truck drivers, preachers, teachers and vendors all need a license.

We know how much training a doctor has to do prior to becoming a physician.

It takes a lot of years of study and brain power to become a licensed physician.

In today’s world of medicine, things have changed some time during the past decade.

The common procedure now is for a family doctor to send you to a specialist if they can’t figure out the patient’s needs.

I am very grateful for specialists and doctors and I am sure they have put in a lot of time and effort to be licensed in their respective fields.

Thank you to all these licensed professionals who have taken time and effort to work and practice their expertise.

The nurse taking your blood pressure is also a licensed employee.

Nursing is a good job, but being loving and caring is a trait you need to have, along with that kind of license.

Of course, when I was thinking of doctors, specialists and nurses, it made me think of the old time doctors who made house calls.

Many times that old time family physician arrived on horseback to treat a patient on the frontier.

I am sure they were probably licensed and had studied some place, but there were no specialists to recommend or modern tools in their doctors bag.

Then I wonder about unlicensed midwives and how many babies they must have delivered in those old log cabins.

She probably would have had just hands-on training, but knew exactly what to do.

There also used to be circuit riders who went around the back woods in early America to deliver God’s word.

Riding for days, preaching perhaps to a small group of settlers.

Sometimes those old time doctors and preachers did not get paid in money, but maybe by means of a chicken or some fresh eggs.

All of those old time doctors, midwives and preachers paved the way to where we are today. It makes you wonder who even had a license back then?

Were you proud when you received your drivers license?

We all had to wait until we were 16 to be able to pass a test and then drive a car.

We all were so happy when we passed the driving test and got to hold that treasured card in our hands.

I still get scared when I see my grandkids get their drivers license.

One day I was watching “The People’s Court” on TV and one of the cases involved a car accident.

One of the defendants spoke up proudly and said, “Well I have been driving 20 years without a drivers’ license and never had a wreck.”

The judge immediately caught that remark and I bet the non-licensed lady wound up taking a test.

Today, many jobs are either licensed or you need certification. You need a dog license, kennel license, food licenses and we even need a license to get married. Plus papers for a divorce.

There are liquor licenses, bicycle licenses, floral design licenses, taxi and semi truck licenses, hunting and fishing license.

Do you have any of them?

I was reading an article on the hopes and fears page the other day which listed some of the strange certifications you can obtain in the state of New York.

They included: a dog psychologist, beer judge, Pokémon professor, black bear hunter and ordained minister.

Most of those can be obtained online.

For $400 I can get certified to become a criminal investigator. Now that interests me.

Licensing, certifying and registered all are good things to have, but right now I am working on how to enjoy life when you get old. I believe I have earned the title and am a certified couch lover, TV remote clicker and a registered nap taker. The pay is not good but I sure like it and it is fun.

Do you have any kind of license or certification? Do you think the old time doctors and midwives did a good job? Are you working for the same certification I am? Let me know and I’ll give you a Penny for Your Thoughts.