There are always some gifts at Christmas that we receive, that we may not need, particularly want and are not quite sure how to operate them.

With so many different gadgets and electronics on the market today, of course I ended up with three items that I wasn’t sure how to use.

Forget the owners manual, I usually don’t read them and if I do, I don’t really pay attention to them.

One item I got was an egg cooker from my friend, Denny. He has one and has sung praises about this little machine that can boil six eggs and they turn out beautifully each time.

He showed me how to use it and I thought I knew how. One day I decided to cook boiled eggs. I put my eggs in the cooker, stuck a plastic piece on the bottom and filled it with water.

Well, the little lid and cover wouldn’t fit right, but I went ahead and flipped on the switch.

Wow! The cooker whistled and jumped around so I knew something was wrong. The lid came flying off and I took cover.

Surely, you didn’t put water right on that metal bottom did you?

Well, I took those eggs out and proceeded to put the water down on the metal bottom plate.

I thought, “Lord, I will probably get electrocuted when I plug it in.”

Well, everything fit and within a few minutes the buzzer went off and I had perfectly boiled eggs. (Shhh – don’t mention this escapade to Denny,) I guess I should have paid more attention.

Now I love my egg cooker and I see they have ones that will boil 12 eggs!

Another item I received was an item made by Google. It was a gift from my youngest daughter, who thought I would like it.

She told me I could ask Google questions and tell it to do various things.

She was going to come and help me set it up, but the weather was bad so she didn’t make it over for a couple weeks.

She took my cell phone and somehow hooked Google up and had me do a voice check so Ms. Googler would recognize my voice.

Then I said, “Hey, Google.” Then there was this lady’s voice asking how she could help me.

I said, “Google, play me some Elvis music.” And, she did!! I have asked it things like the weather forecast and directions.

I have asked it phone numbers, to sing me a song and tell me a story.

I have also got frustrated with Google and said a few choice words but all in all, I think we are going to get along.

Google seems to know more than I do, and there have been times when I asked it to play a certain song and it will play another one.

So far I like both of these gifts and find them very useful.

The last item I got was an air fryer. It is still in the box and I just may have to read the owners manual. For this gift, I need “hands-on training.” Anyone available?

Do you have any of these devices? Have you ever talked and told a little box what to do? Does anyone have tips on using an air fryer? Let me know and I’ll give you a Penny for Your Thoughts.