Christmas is a mere 20 days away and it’s very important that you were good this year so Santa will bring you whatever special thing you are wishing for.

If you have waited until now to decide to be good, you might have a problem. And based on what I see on social media and around town, ya’ll got a lot of catching up to do. Some of you are getting Bibles and dictionaries for Christmas.

Luckily, I have a contact in Santa’s shop, so I have some tips that might help you. (It’s always good to have connections.)

Be nice to other people. Such an easy but effective way to make your way on the nice list. Hold the door open for someone, pay for the car behind you in the drive-thru, shovel the sidewalk for a neighbor, bring your favorite newspaper column writer some coffee. I mean honestly, the list is endless. Just be nice to other people! A simple smile or compliment goes a long way.

Use complete sentences, punctuation and spell words correctly. Seriously. These are skills you learn in elementary school. You should have them mastered by the time you are an adult. No college experience needed to know where to put a comma or how to spell commonly used words.

Volunteer or help people in need. This goes hand in hand with the first tip. This time of year provides many opportunities to help in your community. Find a food bank or homeless shelter that could use an extra hand. Grab a name off the angel tree at your church or bank and buy gifts for a family in need. Donate to Christmas for Kids. Take food to a family that has fallen on hard times. Knit or crochet warm gloves, hats or scarves and donate them to a local homeless shelter. Leave a stack of quarters on a washer at the laundry mat for the next user.

Dress appropriately for your audience. My Mom always told me that life wasn’t a fashion show when I felt the need to spend 2 hours getting ready for a simple trip to Defiance. But, you still have to dress appropriately for public. Pajama pants and a thin strapped tank top are not appropriate for public. That’s what you wear in the privacy of your own home when you want to be comfy. I’m all for comfy pants. As soon as I get home, the first thing I do is put on a sweatshirt and comfortable pants. But, you won’t catch me wearing them in public. Or if you are going to be working with children, make sure your boobs aren’t hanging out and your pants are so tight you can see every freckle. Kids don’t need to see that. Also, if it’s 20 degrees and you are walking around in a t-shirt, you aren’t cool. You are an idiot. So put a coat on, you aren’t fooling anybody.

Change the toilet paper roll. This is apparently a very hard task to accomplishment. But let me hold your hand and walk you through it. So you take the empty tube off of the wooden thingy. They are usually spring loaded, so be careful. This is the most dangerous part. Next, you throw the empty roll in the trashcan. I know this is confusing, but it makes sense in the long run. I guess you could save them if you want to make bird feeders or crafts, but is easier to just through it away. The last step is to load the new roll. This can be confusing depending on if you are an under or over kind of person. I personally don’t have a preference. So load it up based on how the people in your house prefer. Voila, you did it! Congratulations. Everyone in your house will thank you. Never is it acceptable to place a new roll on top of the empty roll or on the bathroom sink. Just don’t do it.

Don’t ruin new episodes of TV shows or movies for people. Not everyone gets to watch their favorite show on the night it airs. Others, myself included, prefer to watch the episode later on Hulu with fewer interruptions. So in the meantime, don’t be a jerk and tell someone what happened when they don’t want to know. And don’t post spoilers on social media about what happened. It’s not fun to be looking at a picture of your friends dog one minute and then the next minute you find out they killed McDreamy. I mean, who does that?

Feed people. People love food. I love food. You love food. So share food. You can take items to the food pantry, cook for your neighbors, make boxes full of yummy baked goods and give them to people you like. I heard nurses like food, too, and if you take good stuff to the ER they won’t complain. Rumors are people such as police officers, sheriff deputies, EMTs, firefighters and mail carriers also like food. If cookies are good for the big man in the red suit, they are good enough for everyone else. So spread the love and whip up some goodies for others.

So hopefully those tips will help you get on Santa’s nice list. Next year, don’t wait until the last minute to behave!