I was sitting at home, watching the rain and I got to thinking about the words “feelings” and “feel.”

Everyone has feelings and feelings can get hurt. It makes us feel bad.

Some people have a tough wrap around their hearts and if they do get their feelings hurt, they don't let on.

Kids, parents, teachers and friends can hurt other people's feelings. Usually feelings are hurt by unkind words or deeds.

I was always the shortest student in my school classes and probably the poorest.

Did other classmates hurt my feelings? Of course they did.

In 7th grade all the gals in my class began wearing lipstick. That is everyone but me. My family did not believe in makeup. In fact, they believed that if you wore lipstick, you were headed for hell.

The male teacher once asked all the girls with lipstick on to stand up. Well, I did not have lipstick on, but I stood up too. I remember biting my lips so they would look red.

He immediately noticed and said, "I did not mean you, Nancy. You don't have lipstick on."

I was very embarrassed and sat down. My feelings were hurt.

After school I went home and cried. I never forgot that teacher or that incident.

It has been said that the English language is one of the hardest to learn.

So many words have different meanings. The word feel has a wide range of meanings.

You can feel textures, faces, hair and just about everything.

But to feel pain, love or emotions is so different than to feel a surface.

I know I tend to wear my feelings on my shoulder and can get hurt easily. I guess I have always tried to do good at what I can do and I try to stay away from those who have hurt me in the past.

Even our pets feel emotions. If you yell at your cat or dog, they know it. Sometimes a dog will put his tail between his legs and go hide.

Other ways to hurt feelings are with nasty looks or sticking your nose up in the air and being snooty.

It always makes me laugh at high school reunions when the group still divides into cliques.

All of us are human. We tend to gravitate towards those who like us and won’t hurt our feelings.

Sometimes you can make someone's day by telling them they look nice or you like their hair. Little things mean a lot when it comes to feelings.

And right now, I feel something in my belly saying, “lunch time.’

How do you handle having your feelings hurt?

I know I cry, but tell me what you do and I'll give you a Penny for Your Thoughts.