Driver questions

why US 30 rest

area is dirty

Dear Editor,

I am a truck driver who stops at the roadside rest area on US 30 every now and then.

My question is why is the north side rest area so dirty? Where are the people taking care of the north side? Maybe sitting in a back room on the phone when they should be working? If they are getting paid, they should be working. I sat in my truck and watched for better than three or four hours, never saw nobody at all. Why?

Now and then I stop on the south side rest area. And that place is so much nicer and clean compared to across the road to the north. I saw the guy with glasses work his tail off to make the place look nice for us truck drivers.

I saw the lady during the day cleaning the restrooms for us truck drivers.

We truck drivers appreciate the time and hard work it takes to keep the south rest area clean. We know who works at the rest area and who does not. It shows.

You know, you never see anybody on the north side at all compared to the south side, where it is so much nicer.

The north side is disgustingly dirty.

Just to give praise to the people on the south side and raise concern about the north side being so dirty. We truck drivers notice.

Charles Timmerman

Rosemont, Ill.