Bargain Bin


generous support

Dear Editor,

Members of the Bargain Bin of Paulding County Inc. would like to thank everyone who has donated items and or have come in on the weekends and purchased from us. We are overwhelmed with the generosity of the community.

At our November meeting, a motion was made to give a monetary donation for the purchase of two treadmills to the Paulding County Hospital Physical Therapy department. Earlier in the year we donated money for the purchase of two Nu-steps and several wheel chairs for an approximate combined total of $23,000. Thank you, Paulding County residents.

The Bargain Bin has had a busy year. In April, Eileen Kochensparger and Rhonda Smalley were the Bargain Bin ladies in the Friends of the Park “No Compromise” dinner theater held at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church along with Ila and Ula Fark and again in October at the John Paulding Historical Society.

We participated in the Paulding County Fair with a fair booth in the domestic building. We had a display in the window of the Village Apothecary during John Paulding Days. We had a booth at the Flat Rock Festival which proved to be very beneficial in helping us to get the word out as to what our mission is. At the present time we have a display at the John Paulding Historical Society Festival of Trees. We will be having another display in the window of the Village Apothecary for the Christmas holidays.

Our business will be one of many participating in the Paulding Chamber of Commerce Merry and Bright event. Look for us on Dec. 2 in the basement of the Branch Fellowship Church. We have invited several women to decorate tables with their Christmas dishes and centerpieces along with a cookie, candy walk and we will offer refreshments from the hours of 3-5 p.m. We hope you will join us. We will have purchased our clothing for the afternoon at the Bargain Bin. Be sure to watch for the Fark Sisters in the light parade, which begins at 6:30 p.m.

We love our Bargain Bin and are taking good care of it for future members. We have found it necessary to install a security system for our safety and protection for the donations left outside when no one is there.

If at all possible, we would appreciate it if you would bring your donations on Monday and Wednesday which is our work days and then on Friday and Saturday until 1 p.m. when we are open. That way nothing is taken, rained on or abused in anyway. Thank you for taking this into consideration.

We still have a wish list and that is to have a porch built at the front of the store. We are getting very close to the estimated amount. Everything that has to do with the building has been done through donations from the community. Donations can still be made to the Paulding County Area Foundation. We have not used any of our working capital. This money goes toward the needs of the therapy department.

Check us out on Facebook with the pick of the week, last minute Thursday, and even Ebay. We strive to have only the best on the shelves and hangers. Stop in and see us. We will be watching for you. We are located at 121 South Cherry, behind the old jail.

Eileen Kochensparger, secretary

Bargain Bin of Paulding County Inc.