When a new baby is born sometimes you hear, “Oh, he has your nose.” or “Aww, her eyes are the same color as yours.”

Kids resemble their parents, not just in looks, but in other ways.

Your child may attend a certain church with you, live on a farm, eat certain foods and go to a country school. In addition, they may want to grow up to be just like you.

One thing that we all ask our kids is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

A little boy may say, “I want to be just like my daddy. I want to be a farmer and drive Daddy’s big tractor.”

Maybe, your child will say, “I want to be a teacher, a doctor, a police officer or a banker.”

A little girl might say, “I want to be a princess or Miss America.”

When I was growing up, most of us girls wanted to get married and have children.

The guys might take a job in a local factory or store.

In the early 1960s, only 4% of high school graduates went on to go to a university, rising to around 14% by the end of the 1970s.

Today, attending a college or trade school may be the answer to getting a job you like.

Some jobs are unique, some are fun, some pay well and some don’t.

One of the first jobs I had was washing big pots and pans by hand at the old Van Wert County Hospital.

I walked to work and back home without any fears of getting kidnapped or robbed.

Well, I only made 60 cents per hour so I never had a lot of money in my pockets.

Oh, but I was so proud of that job. I lied about my age and said I was 16 so I could get it.

My next job was a waitress. Now waitressing is hard work, but I loved it.

I liked seeing all the people, as well as wearing that clean white uniform and a colorful apron. That particular job I did for five years, working six days a week.

I decided I wanted to be something else that paid a little better, so I attended a computer school in Fort Wayne on Saturdays in addition to waitressing.

I also was married and had two children by that time, so our goals were to provide for our children and give them a good start in life.

After computer school, I got a job in an office in Fort Wayne, working with computers as big as a room.

That was a pretty good job, but I thought gas was getting too high priced to drive back and forth to Fort Wayne, so I resigned from there. (After all, gas was going up to 50 cents a gallon.)

I have enjoyed most of the jobs I have had, but today I would hate to wake up and be at a job every day at a certain time.

There used to be a show on TV called, “Dirtiest Jobs in America.”

I did not realize how many so called dirty jobs, there actually are.

According to careers.com some of the crappiest jobs are: a sewer cleaner, a crime scene cleaner, an amusement ride cleaner, odor sniffers and forensic entomologists.

Odor sniffers smell everything from arm pits to bad breath.

Some sniffers smell different products such as nail polish remover and perfumes.

A forensic entomologist studies bugs on cadavers. You need a good education, a strong stomach and to like bugs. This one is not for me.

Now one of the fun jobs you could do is to be an ice cream taster. At Ben and Jerry’s, a person gets paid good money to mix and taste flavors of ice cream. That would be my kind of job.

I am sure there is a certain way to taste ice cream and those who do it are trained.

Another fun job, according to career.com, is a fortune cookie writer.

That is right up my alley and I think I could even get up early to go to work as a fortune cookie writer.

I also think that writing greeting cards would be a good occupation.

Every job is unique and takes certain skills. So whether you study bugs on cadavers, clean out sewers or taste ice cream, remember that it is your job and take pride in your work.

Have you ever had a strange job? What kind of job would you enjoy? Let me know and I’ll give you a Penny for Your Thoughts.

Oh, I think I will practice tasting ice cream and go see if Ben and Jerry’s is hiring.